The Actor Behind the Progressive Pigeon commercial

It was January 1st, 2024, and many people thought one of the year’s finest advertising had already been released. Progressive Insurance is the responsible company, and it has introduced a new business activity in which two intriguing pigeons discuss what they may do with the money saved by the current driver discounts. The internet has made it famous as a “progressive pigeon advertisement,” but the mystery remains: who is the voice actor behind this bird?
Many individuals are intrigued, and the reason is obvious: many people recognized the voice right away. Many users have validated their proposal in the comments section of the official YouTube video of the progress pigeon advertisement:

H. H. Jon Benjamin is an American actor and comedian best known for his voice work on several animated characters from popular television series. In the animated series “Archer,” he portrayed Sterling Archer, and in “Bob Burger,” he voiced Bob Belcher. He has played Carl in “The House of Jokes” and Coach McGuick in “Family Movies” in previous appearances.

As you can expect, consumers are searching for H Jon Benjamin in Progressive advertisements to validate their first opinion. Unfortunately, neither the voice actor nor Progressive Insurance Company has published any formal information concerning his role in the Progressive Pigeon campaign. If the situation changes, we will undoubtedly keep you updated, but for now, you can only depend on the majority of fans’ consensus: those who admire H. Jon Benjamin are confident that he is the voice actor behind the bird in Progressive advertisement.

H. Jon Benjamin is no stranger to the advertising industry: he acted as the official voice for the Arby chain restaurant in a series of adverts in 2018. One of the adverts for this series may be seen here. If you want to see the ultimate proof of his presence in the progress commercial, compare the various tones of his voice in the fan-made movie below to the chatter of pigeons.

Is H Jon Benjamin the voice actor for the Progressive Pigeon commercial in 2024? We’re all convinced he is; we simply need confirmation from formal channels. If it does materialize, you will undoubtedly find a reference to it in this post.

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