I Guess: the song lyrics and their meaning

“I Guess” is a song about the birth of love; in the lyrics, Lizzy McAlpine eloquently recalls her first contact with someone and how feelings emerged, despite the fact that they don’t know one other very well.

I Guess is the new single released by Lizzy McAlpine from her album Older: a beautiful love song, let’s discover the lyrics & meaning.

Lizzy McAlpine is about to return in April 2024 with her third studio album, Older. Fans were looking forward to listening to her beautiful voice and intense songs again. That’s why, when the second single “I Guess” was shared in March, everybody responded immediately: the new song confirmed the incredible talent of the American songwriter, and its lyrics are fascinating, hiding a unique meaning.

The singer shows her most pure and sincere side. The song begins with the minor things that happen after a first date: how we try to impress the other, maybe speaking some small falsehoods, and how we believe everything is perfect despite the fact that we have only just met. It’s an unusual combination of ambiguity and emotional intensity. We don’t know how to describe it, which is perhaps part of its appeal.

We’re not alone
I’ll tell a lie just to bring you home
We dance together
You’re not that good
I’ll tell a lie, but it’s understood

So Lizzy McAlpine questions herself about why situations like this happen. Perhaps it’s because the encounter happened at the precise time, when both were ready to offer their hearts to one other. We’re talking about someone “we’ve never met,” yet the artist has previously mentioned love.

I guess it’s all about timing
I guess it’s all about the things you want but never get
I guess it’s all about trying
To love someone you’ve never met

The song proceeds to describe this innate date, in which things expand quickly with no apparent cause. At the end of the lyrics, “I Guess” gives a glimmer of awareness: this is something that normally does not have a good ending, therefore we should probably wait a little longer and see without feeding our expectations. Usually, things are not so easy. We wish they were, but we’re definitely reacting too quickly, right?

Wish it was easy
I wish I knew
What I was doing, but I never do

Finally, that is the true meaning of the lines in “I Guess”: we have only just met, yet I can already feel these immense emotions rising inside of me. It’s an unusual experience, and I want to be drawn by it. But deep inside, I know that’s not how things normally work. The purity of love is evident in the spontaneous way it flames, but how dependable are those early sensations?

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