Who is Lily in the Netflix series Bandidos

Bandidos, a Mexican Netflix series, stars Spanish actress Ester Expósito as the female protagonist, Lilí.

We always enjoy a solid Mexican production, and Netflix understands that. The streaming platform has frequently thrilled us with Central American-inspired movies and TV shows, and Bandidos, a limited series set to premiere in March 2024, is the year’s first huge smash. A thrilling storyline that alternates between crimes and adventures, a cast of characters that promise surprises, and a female lead who can command the stage.

The actress portraying Lilí steals the show and piques viewers’ interest. Ester Expósito, a 24-year-old Spanish actress, plays Lilí in Bandidos. She is already well-known for her role as Carla in the first three seasons of Élite, a Netflix drama that premiered in 2018. She was younger, but you can still identify her from the video below.

Ester Expósito, born in Madrid, was just 18 years old when she began playing in Élite. Following her triumph, Netflix cast her in two thriller films: Your Son (Tu Hijo) and When Angels Sleep (Cuando Los Ángeles Duermen). More recently, she starred in Jaume Balagueró’s new horror film Venus, which was released in 2022. You will definitely recognize her in the trailer below.

Her appeal extended beyond films and television series. In 2020, she went famous on Instagram for a video she took of herself dancing to El Efecto, a song by Rauw Alejandro and Chencho Corleone, which became one of the most viewed videos in Instagram ever. Furthermore, in recent years, Ester Expósito has served as a testimony for fashion firms like as Yves Saint Laurent and Dolce & Gabbana. Her elegance is not overlooked, as you can see.

Bandidos is the next milestone in a career that appears to be bright and promising given her early age. We will undoubtedly see her more regularly in the coming months. Meanwhile, you can find her on Instagram, where she routinely interacts with her 26+ million followers.

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