Baby Please: the meaning behind the lyrics

Baby Please is Iván Cornejo’s latest single, an emotional song about a lost love. Let’s look at the English lyrics and their meaning.

Iván Cornejo returns with a new song, Baby Please, and the Internet falls in love with the songwriter’s gorgeous voice and distinct style: the song contains Spanish lyrics and conveys a sincere message about a love from the past. Fans found the song’s themes of melancholy, desire, and emotional distance relatable, leading many to study it closely. So here it is: in this post, we will look into the meaning of the song, and at the bottom, you will discover the official video as well as the full lyrics translated into English.

Baby Please is a melancholy song about a lost love; in the lyrics, Iván Cornejo expresses his regret and desire for a woman who is no longer in his life.

since we all know, dealing with a breakup is one of the more common subjects in music, since it is one of the most challenging situations we encounter in life. In Baby Please, Iván Cornejo appears to be unable to move on: admittedly, the woman he mentions has already moved on from this relationship, however the singer is still struggling.

I just want you to be mine
Without paying rent, you live in me
There is no way to get out of here
However, for you it was easy to extinguish the flame I ignited in you

This anguish is severe, and the song reflects the singer’s lonely times and emotions as he attempts to cope with them through drinking. From this perspective, Baby Please might be read as a show of vulnerability when he is drunk. When the singer sings “baby please,” the sole English words in a song with Spanish lyrics, he begs her to think about him even briefly.

Blame me, but don’t stop loving me
Do anything to me except letting me go
Bottle after bottle, I write more about you

Baby, please
Let yourself come, think a little about me
Baby, think of me, baby

The recollection of that relationship sounds like something unique that cannot be replicated, like a missed opportunity for pleasure. Iván Cornejo thinks he could meet someone who loves him as much as she does. He wishes there was a way out of his despair. He described it as a “treasure he lost” and says he can’t imagine himself without her.

It’s his frailty speaking, pleading for another opportunity. The singer feels this relationship may work if the components involved start over again, like they were initially. It’s the standard notion we all have once a relationship ends: might I have done things differently? Is it possible to recover the purity we felt in the beginning?

We know where this melancholy generally leads. As time passes, we shall get the strength to continue forward. Meanwhile, Baby Please depicts the intensity of this particular moment, which becomes the true meaning behind its words. I am not ready to go ahead; I am drowning in despair, and I wish I could go back in time and relive the time I spent with you. Nobody can ever fill your place in my heart, and it aches. An strong expression of sorrow that we may carry close when we are going through a breakup: this is how art can help us.


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