Netflix New Korean Drama Bloodhounds

The 2023 criminal action film “Bloodhounds” from Korea is available on Netflix. Woo Do-hwan, Lee Sang-er, Park Sung-woong, Heo Jun-ho, and Choi Si-won star in the Kim Joo-hwan-directed film. Actually,… Read more

The Playing Card Killer: Alfredo Galán’s Real-Life Account

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The Hollywood bromance of George Clooney and Matt Damon

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Why did Tin and Tina finish the way they did? Did the twins murder Adolfo?

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Location where My Fault (2023) was filmed: the car chase and the sunsets

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Who is Danny Sullivan from the true story The Crowded Room?

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What will happen in Season 2? The Gryphon’s finale is described.

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What song does Jocelyn release in the series of The Idol?

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Cast of the 2023 film Medellin: Essined Aponte plays Marissa

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How Gabby awakens in The Choice: explanation of narrative and conclusion

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