Netflix’s original ‘Queenmaker’ (directed by Oh Jin-seok, written by Moon Ji-young) showed off a smooth start.

According to Netflix Top 10, ‘Queen Maker’ recorded 15.87 million viewing hours in the second week of April (10th to 16th). It ranked first in the non-English TV category.

I touched the baton with ‘The Glory’. ‘The Glory’ remained at the top for 10 weeks until last week. It gave up first place to “Queen Maker” and settled in third place (12.9 million hours).

‘Queenmaker’ is a political drama centered on a female narrative. Hwang Do-hee (played by Kim Hee-ae), an image-making expert, sets out to help her human rights lawyer, Oh Gyeong-sook (played by Moon So-ri), win the election as mayor of Seoul.

You can get a glimpse of the acting skills of the two. Kim Hee-ae played the role of the charismatic general manager of the camp. Moon So-ri drew a character who stood on the side of her weak and confronted the world.

The second place was taken by the French crime drama ‘It’s still okay’ (14.78 million hours). It has moved up 5 places from 7th last week. ‘Sacred Divorce’ was ranked 4th (10.39 million hours).

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