The collaboration between BIGBANG Taeyang and BLACKPINK’s Lisa has a duet

The collaboration between BIGBANG Taeyang and BLACKPINK’s Lisa has a duet, and the best collaboration is planned

The collaboration between BIGBANG Taeyang and BLACKPINK member Lisa has a pas de deux, which is the song “Shoong”. This is a song included in the return of the sun album. Just now THE BLACK LABEL released a spoiler photo of the MV, including Taeyang and Lisa It can be said that this is a collaboration between the two top dancers of the Hallyu wave. Coupled with Taeyang’s recognizable timbre, people really look forward to Taeyang’s new album.

It can be found that the cooperation between the two top-ranking idols this time does not have the kind of yin and yang in the fan circle, but all kinds of expectations and support. This is what the fan circle and idols should be like. To put it bluntly, it is the strength of the sun and Lisa They are strong enough, there are enough works, and the stage is hard enough, that’s why everyone looks forward to them so much. It’s been a long time since there has been such a cooperation in the Hallyu music world. That is to say, the sun must at least be a double main player this time. It’s really too hard up.

It is not difficult to see that the sun attaches great importance to this comeback. After all, this is his comeback after many years away from the music scene. Since his career has been smooth sailing before, this return is very stressful for him. After all, for a top love like the sun Dou, a loss is a big topic. Yes, the reality is so cruel. Although Sun has nothing to prove, he still cares about his fans and his own image if he is strong. This is a real artist.

Earlier, after saying that Taeyang is a top dancer, some people actually questioned it. I really don’t know if they have never seen BIGBANG’s stage or Taeyang’s Solo stage. You must know that JYP’s boss Park Jinyoung said that Taeyang is the strongest Hallyu The dancer, who used to be the lead singer and lead dancer of the Hallyu TOP group, maybe Taiyang’s singing skills are too strong, so many people forget that he is also the lead dancer of the group, which is quite embarrassing.

As for Lisa, needless to say, as the absolute main dancer of the strongest Korean girl group, her stage charm is unique among all the Korean girl group members, and her aura even surpasses the top singers in Europe and America. You may not be able to imagine why she is so popular overseas. Lisa is the Hallyu artist with the most fans overseas, and she is also the number one fault. This is Lisa’s influence and charm. Everyone can’t accept it.

Needless to say, Shuangchu is really too happy. Of course, you can look forward to it even if you are not a fan. After all, this level of idol cooperation is not something you can see at any time. This cooperation will definitely present a visual for everyone. Feast, the most important thing is that this kind of cooperation will soon be seen by everyone. Now it seems that the war in April has only really started now. The sun has really been away for too long. This return will definitely stage the drama of the return of the king. After all, he hasn’t lost yet.

Personally, I feel that Taeyang’s comeback this time is absolutely unprecedented. Not only is he cooperating with members of groups like BLACKPINK and BTS this time, but more importantly, he has just signed with THE BLACK LABEL, and THE BLACK LABEL They want to rise rapidly through the sign of Taeyang, so THE BLACK LABEL will definitely support Taeyang’s comeback this time. Whether it is the MV or the comeback planning, it is absolutely top-notch. You don’t have to worry about this at all.

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