NewJeans Elevated Their Streetwear To A New Level in ‘OMG’ Music Video

We were all taken aback by NewJeans’ music video for the song “OMG.” The highlight of the female group’s reappearance, even though the song is another hit, is the absolutely strange music video, which features cinematic sequences and ironic references. The group members also stood out in stylish attire that appeared suitable for streetwear.

Here are further specifics on the attire seen in the video. Newjeans ‘OMG’ Outfits.

NewJeans’ ‘OMG’ MV Fashion

Hanni’s Look #1
Hanni’s initial costume, which consists of a black turtleneck, blue jeans, and New Balance sneakers, is similar to Steve Jobs’ and is appropriate given the odd plot of the music video.


1.992 Sneakers

Hanni’s Look #2
She topped her laid-back look with a darling rabbit-bite washed denim cap from W.I.A. To add to the whimsical vibe, she also carried a light green Chet Lo tote bag in the shape of a rabbit.


1.Rabbit Bite Denim Cap
2.Bunny Bag

Hyein’s Look#1
This gorgeous one-sleeve dress from Alexander McQueen with artistic brush strokes completed Hyein’s doll-like appearance.


1.Graphic Brushstroke Dress

Hyein’s Look #2

On Hyein, the W.I.A. rabbit bite washed denim cap can also be seen.


1.Rabbit Bite Denim Cap

Hyein’s Look #3

Hyein wore a Louis Vuitton square bandana scarf over her hair for another chic appearance.


1.LV Garden Square 90


Haerin’s Look #1

Hysteric Glamour x Kiko Kostadinov’s blue trousers and logo mesh pullover sweater were both on Haerin’s outfit. Her Killstar black wing earmuffs are black.


1.Blue Jeans

Haerin’s Look #2

Next, she sports a chic hat from W.I.A and shearling lace-up boots from Moon Boot as part of her street-style ensemble.


1.Oversized Cargo Trousers
2.Pigtails&Bears Hat

Minji’s Look

To match the girls, Minji was sporting a classic rabbit bite washed denim cap from W.I.A. in addition to a pair of low-top leather sneakers by Maison Mihara Yasuhiro. She also has a pink Chet Lo tote bag in the form of a rabbit.


1.Straight-leg Cut Cargo Trousers
2.Rabbit Bit Denim Cap

Danielle’s Look

In the final shot, Danielle is holding a light purple Chet Lo tote bag in the form of a rabbit.


1.Straight-leg Cargo Jeans
2.Black Nylon Boots

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