NewJeans Looked Extra Chic On The Way To KBS Music Bank


If there’s one thing NewJeans excels in, besides singing and dancing, it’s definitely their ability to choose fashionable outfits that leave everyone in awe.

On the way to KBS Music Bank, the girl group made a fashion statement by showcasing a wide range of winter-ready outfits that are definitely worth taking note of.

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NewJeans’ Outfits on the Way to KBS Music Bank on January 27, 2023

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Haerin showed off a super stylish, all-Dior ensemble consisting of a bomber jacket, cotton T-shirt, skort with a ‘CD’ buckle, a small Lady D-Joy bag, and ankle boots.


1.Bomber Jacket


3.Skort With CD Buckle

4.Small Lady D-joy Bag

5.Dior Empreinte Ankle Boot



Danielle‘s fashion sense is always on point, and this was no exception on her way to KBS Music Bank, where she donned a fashionable down-filled cotton gabardine puffer coat, leather over-the-knee boots, and a mini Freya canvas & leather tote, all from Burberry.


1.Down-Filled Puffer Coat

2.Leather Over-the-knee Boots

3.Mini Freya Tote



Hanni was dressed in Gucci from head to toe, with her winter outfit including a GG canvas hooded padded jacket, wool patterned jacquard jumper, Horsebit 1955 mini bag, and GG shearling effect knee-high boots.


1.Knee-High Boots


Hyein looked like a million bucks in Louis Vuitton‘s monogram denim bomber jacket, high turtleneck compact knit sweater, oversized pocket cotton drill shorts, LV Archlight-2.0 platform ranger shoes, and LV X YK twist PM bag.


1.Monogram Denim Bomber Jacket

2.High Turtleneck Knit Sweater

3.Oversized Pocket Shorts

4.LV X YK Twist PM Bag

5.Lv Archlight 2.0 Platform Ranger



Finally, Minji showed up looking her cutest in a teddy bear icon coat by Max Mara and a pair of stylish sneakers by Chanel.


1.Teddy Bear Icon Coat



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Below were the netizen’s comments on Newjeans :

sometiz : The aesthetics and the song have a strong Back Rooms vibe lol

salvtoria : As someone who uses kpop as escapism this makes me cry I can’t stop crying. I remember my school days as worst period of life and K-pop was the only thing that got me through when I was so lonely and bullied. But there comes a point where you need real love instead of watching people be happy on a screen and satisfying yourself through that. The lyrics are so haunting as well and so true. This mv has got me crying like a whale all the memories of being alone sitting alone eating alone all of it comes back Some day maybe I can look back at kpop and smile like this when I outgrow it and find some connections in real life like the girl at the end of side b.

Calydona : Oh, that took a dark turn! I love this approach to storytelling via music videos … My interpretation would be, that his is a comment on certain types of one-sided idol-fan relationship and kpop as escapism in general: Some fans live vicariously through their idols, seeing them happy on camera and imagine being their friends or be like them to escape their own sad lifes.

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