Song Review: TXT & Jonas Brothers – Do It Like That

If I could travel back in time, I would tell myself in 2016 that I would be putting the words “& Jonas Brothers” in the title of a blog article on The Bias List in seven years. My friends, it’s been quite a ride. Who would have imagined we’d be in this situation?

The newest Jonas Brothers album is actually rather nice. It would have been entertaining to hear TXT’s vocals on one of its tunes with a yacht rock influence. Do It Like That, on the other hand, is more in line with the sugary radio pop of BTS’s English-language hits.

Maybe it has to do with how often a hook is repeated within the space of 156 seconds. Maybe it’s about how closely that hook replicates the repetition of a whistle or playground chant or jingle. Maybe it’s simply down to how corporate a song can sound — how forced the fun feels.

Whatever the case, Do It Like That is absolutely harmless fluff. It’s even kind of fun in a goofy, who’d-have-ever-thought-this-would-happen way. But it’s neither a great TXT song nor a great Jonas Brothers song, making it feel superfluous to both discographies.

As someone who couldn’t make it further than 3 songs into the Jonas Brothers album (the first song was good), I can’t say that I like any aspect of this song. It just feels so devoid of anything unique, interesting, creative, or artistic. The production is mediocre, their voices are autotuned to death, and that chorus is honestly pretty irritating. I get how this could be passable in the background for other people, but this is pretty much a non-starter for me.

This is good and lighthearted fun. It fits TXT as it isn’t so far from what they have done before. Jbros and TXT seem to have good chemistry here and the transition from jbros to yeonjun don’t feel awkward at all. I think it deserves at least an 8 (and fun fact it’s produced by Ryan Tedder)

I can’t say I am disappointed because I did not have any high hopes with this one, but I am a bit irritated. If this counted as a TXT comeback (it doesn’t), it would be bottom of my list. The song is harmless fluff like you said, I guess? But it does not go anywhere and is so painfully generic for me. I feel like I didn’t find anything new in the song or the video beyond what they had already teased. Definitely sounds more like a Jonas Brothers ft TXT than the other way around, as someone said in the comments. There were almost no solo lines, and most of the time, it did not even sound like them because of the extreme vocal processing. I am just a bit upset that TXT is wasted on this when they could’ve used the promotion time to release a good single by themselves. I even like Jonas’ music, but I don’t think this did it for me.

“Harmless fluff” is a perfect way to describe this one. On the other hand, I was close to getting fed up with it during the listen, and, thanks God, that failed to happen. Still, I fear the song’s gonna wear me out really soon, considering how commercial jingle-like it sounds…

At this note, would be, idk, maybe a 7.5 for me.

It’s cloying and corporate but this kind of fluffy bubblegum is absolutely TXT’s sound. The song itself is Americanized blue hour, and anything that sounds like blue hour is a hit with me.

ykw i just feel bad for all the old navy/target/walmart/etc employees who r gonna get tortured w this song for the next 8 months (bc lord knows retail stores love them an english kpop song i mean just look at how badly walmarts abused star by loona)

I really liked the start until it gets repetitive at the 2nd half of the song. The feeling you’ve been robbed of the climax when the final chorus feels a “lifeless” fun song.. wished it has a more impactful final chorus though.

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