Song Review: NewJeans – Super Shy

The day began with the release of the title single from the upcoming album by NewJeans. That Powerpuff Girls collaboration was brief but mood-setting. It thoroughly adopted the stylised vision of the organization. Nothing about NewJeans is not awesome. I sometimes believe that “cool” is valued more highly than anything else.

I can see how this band rose to the top of the charts so rapidly. In certain cases, I even feel compelled to attend the gathering. However, their voice is frequently so quiet that it leaves me feeling chilly. I might be admitting to a possible lack of taste here, but a lot of the time these works remind me of the soothing music you would hear when waiting on the phone for customer care.

The brand-new single Super Shy perfectly embodies the NewJeans model. We have a few really catchy hooks that are frequently replayed. Ambient synthesizers and jittery, almost weightless percussion are present. Super Shy succeeds in what it sets out to achieve. And at around the two minute mark, more synth is added, which has a rather interesting sound. This rhythm is really cool. It’s unfortunate that the tune fades out after 30 seconds. This method, although I’m sure it works beautifully with streaming algorithms, doesn’t provide the results I’m hoping for. In fact, I wish the entire production hadn’t been so shoddy, especially the vocal arrangement. Over this music, some light harmonies would have been fantastic.

tbh i like this song better than ditto. its a great pre release track and very cute and catchy. i can see myself playing this a lot. is it as good as hype boy or attention? no, but thats okay. an 8 seems just about right for me. im ngl almost everything in the new generation (and not just kpop) seems more about aesthetic and less about the actual music/substance. but im still putting this on my playlist tho.

I really really like this song. My only issue is that it sounds like it needs the rest of the album and the other 4 videos to get the full effect. I really think this will be a song I absolutely love a lot more when we get the full context of the album.

It is perfectly done to loop back and forth from verse to chorus to instrumental ad infinitum, for the repeat streaming chill beatz set, Essential, it is because the skittering drum and minimalized vocals means there is no significant chord progression or arc of the song, no swell or build, it just loops along in its groove. No emotional frisson moment, just a cool groove bopping along bop bbop bboppoppppppp bopppp bopping bopping bopping bop bbop bboppoppppppp bopppp bopping bopping bopping.

I have to admit, I was so lost in my thoughts and sighs, I went back to a regular high ranked youtube suggestion as I typed up my thoughts, always there for me, because the algorithms know that I need those moments of release, of beauty, of wow, and you may think what the hell is this, but it is mine and I am sharing it for whoever will listen.
Also, for beauty, because whatever happened to beauty in music.

This feels very teens at the mall. When there is a new cute trend and then it is all over the mall, and then it is in the mom section of the department store. We are in the early part of this timeline, and I can smell the store from here.So, um, good luck and it’s a pass from me. Also, these girls are still too young.

I’m sure I’ll love it overall in the context of the EP, but it is a wisp of a song, too repetitive and in need of more ornamentation – a bridge, and a key change at the end. I don’t think it touches the greatness of Ditto, let alone Hype Boy and Attention. Anyone know where it was filmed? I tried to watch on my phone while walking the dog, and it looked like Park Guell to me.

I rock with New Jeans for sure. But my fandom was thrown into limbo recently, seeing the rest of the industry furiously copy New Jeans almost cheaped the concept for me. I loved the debut and “Ditto” was a huge song for me, but the imitators made me wonder if New Jeans were kinda just trend signalers. However this release reaffirms my love for their group and solidifies their grasp of their own concept and sound.

I was underwhelmed by the other b-side “New Jeans” at first listen, but “Super Shy” grew on me instantly, and now I find both tracks pretty addictive.
I like how limited they are in breadth, just a couple of ideas executed with finesse. I think I love the drum n bass and rest of the production. To me these are New Jean’s barest, simplest songs yet BUT it works!

New Jeans is such a well executed group, and truly talented. Seeing other groups attempt this style, it’s clear the members were very well selected, trained and have personally grown in the past year. Sure… anyone can do a 00’s r&b concept with cool electronic music genre influences but New Jeans delivers with an unsurpassed deftness. Within k-pop, this is their signature and others, adopting the sound, frankly come across as imitators.

At some point I’d like to see New Jeans grow or change their concept, but right now I think they have firmly established who they are as a group and have found huge success in doing so. I can’t really say the same for the rest of 4th gen groups.

Their weakest title track so far. Sure, the chorus has immediately infected me, but in spite of myself being a fan of this subdued sound, it doesn’t seem to be something I’d be willing to press replay on. The production feels excessively cheap, which makes the song more of a pass for me. Would give it a 7.5 (8,7,8,7) at best.

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