Younha, happy weekend with Japanese fans

Singer Younha successfully completed her first solo fan meeting in Japan.

Younha held the ‘2023 Younha Holics Fan Meeting in Japan’ (YOUNHA Y.HOLICS FANMEETING in JAPAN) at FC Live Tokyo, Japan on her last 8th.

Younha made her debut in Japan last year in 2004. After 19 years of her activities in Japan, she held a fan meeting. About 500 spectators gathered in the small theater.

A colorful hit song medley unfolded. Younha performed live at her fan meeting, which was held twice a year. She sang songs released in Japan, such as ‘Come’ and ‘Kaze’.

She also presented Korean songs. She sang her enchanting vocals in songs such as ‘Event Horizon’, ‘How Are You’, and ‘Four Seasons’, which are recording the myth of reverse running.

She also did not forget to communicate with her fans. She conducted a ‘talk session’ with Younha in her fluent Japanese. She also went to the Q&A corner where she answered questions from Holics Japan (fandom name).

Meanwhile, Younha recently completed her national tour and encore concert. She is currently preparing to release her studio live album.

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