Who is the actor in the 2024 Verizon commercial

If you believe you’ve seen his face recently, you’re not incorrect. And it’s not only because of his roles in films and television series; you may have seen Tony Hale just a few weeks ago in a Verizon ad that ran during the Super Bowl 2024. Yes, the one featuring Beyoncé. He was the one who continuously monitoring the Verizon connection while the singer tried everything to disrupt it. His uncomfortable grimace as he repeatedly announced that Verizon “still works” was one of the highlights of the 2024 advertising industry. Watch it again.

That’s what we consider a successful cooperation. Just a few weeks later, Verizon released a new commercial featuring Tony Hale as the sole protagonist. In the new advertisement, he expresses his willingness to photograph the family seated alongside him. He also explains why they should switch to Verizon and take advantage of their offer: the man’s phone is outdated, and an update is certainly necessary. What better occasion than Verizon’s relationship with Apple, which includes the iPhone 15 Pro and its massive storage capacity for photos?

Tony Hale is an American actor who has worked in films and television since 1997. He is best known for his work in television comedy, primarily as Buster Bluth in the critically acclaimed sitcom Arrested Development. His depiction of Buster, a socially awkward and sometimes stupid figure, drew great attention and appreciation.

In addition to his work on Arrested Development, Tony Hale rose to prominence for his part as Gary Walsh, the vice president’s personal adviser, in the HBO political comedy series Veep. His work on Veep garnered him multiple Emmy Awards and cemented his reputation as a skilled comic performer. He has also provided the voice for several animated characters, notably Forky in Pixar’s Toy Story 4. His career includes both funny and tragic parts, demonstrating his flexibility as an actor. And you’ll hear his voice again in 2024, in Inside Out 2, as Fear.

You can image how much fun Tony Hale had performing in the 2024 Verizon advertisement. As he admitted in an interview with Variety, when they informed him he’d be playing alongside Beyoncé in the new ad, he had a difficult time keeping the news from his daughter: she’s a tremendous fan; she even attended to her concert, and the risk of her spreading the story was high. This meant he had to keep it a secret for weeks, never discussing what he was doing at work.

Tony Hale’s lengthy history of comic roles makes him an ideal candidate for a commercial like the ones Verizon aired in 2024, maintaining a long tradition of American comedians starring in their advertisements. Isn’t that also a milestone?

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