TWICE’s 5th world tour “READY TO BE” in Seoul has come to a successful conclusion

TWICE’s world tour “READY TO BE” in Seoul has come to a successful conclusion! The expectations for the Japanese field are also getting higher and higher


TWICE started their new world tour with loud cheers at KSPO DOME (Olympic Gymnastics Arena).

TWICE held their 5th world tour “TWICE 5TH WORLD TOUR “READY TO BE”” at KSPO DOME, Songpa-gu, Seoul on the 15th and 16th. After more than 4 years, the cheering concert held in South Korea aroused the hearts and expectations of fans. The audience seemed to burst out of patience during this period, and they gave out wild cheers and enjoyed TWICE’s performance.

The 9 members of TWICE, known for their special fan service, put forward various ideas throughout the concert to improve the satisfaction of ONCE (fan name) during the 5th world tour held on “the largest scale” , participated in the composition and planning of the set catalog, poured love and enthusiasm into this concert, and continued the top stage that cannot be missed for a moment, including the 12th mini album that ranked second on the US Billboard main chart “Billboard 200”. The title song “SET ME FREE” from the album “READY TOBE” and the English singles “MOONLIGHT SUNRISE” and “The Feels” on Billboard’s “HOT 100” chart, etc. The stage of recorded songs that fans want to see, and a rich catalog of 24 songs ignited the atmosphere of the scene.


The solo special stage of TWICE’s first concert showed what they wanted to show. Dahyun showed sweet lead vocals with piano performance, Tzuyu showed smart performance with outstanding style, and Tzuyu showed charismatic dance and charming atmosphere. Sana, Momo with her powerful swag and fluent pole dancing, and Mina who chooses cool pop songs to show her reversal charm attracted fans.

Chaeyoung sang his own song “My Guitar” while playing the guitar. Jihyo also sang his own song “Nightmare” passionately, showing off his talent as a solo artist, showing the dignified posture of a pop star and the determination of witty recorder playing. Nayeon’s debut song “POP! “The arrangement stage provided a colorful spectacle for 9 people and 9 colors.

What added vividness and majesty was the performance accompanied by the band’s performance. Jihyo started the chorus part of the song “Feel Special” that is important to TWICE and ONCE with a chorus, and then added a rich band voice, showing A shocking finale stage, from “YES or YES”, “What is Love?”, “CHEER UP”, “LIKEY”, “KNOCK KNOCK”, “SCIENTIST”, ” From the medley of the title song “Heart Shaker” to “Alcohol-Free”, “Dance The Night Away”, and “Talk that Talk” where you can feel the fresh and lively summer atmosphere, fans responded with a chorus.

Then, during the 4-hour performance, three-dimensional performances such as a huge screen, stairs, and Korean enka were prepared, and they communicated with the audience at a closer distance. The special presence of ONCE around us, watching each other singing and dancing, everyone seemed to have got everything in the world, showed happy expressions, and cheered loudly, so the time to work hard for this solo concert is even more precious, and the mind is very solid.

Because of ONCE, TWICE will be brighter. We have given you unsparing love and support. Now we can stand on this stage, and on the stage of the world tour venues around the world. We will work hard in the future. As TWICE, we We will achieve new results and come back again,” shed tears of excitement.

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