Twice ‘Talk That Talk’ Lyrics Meaning

The song “Talk that Talk” is performed by the Korean girl group TWICE. On August 26, 2022, it was made available through JYP Entertainment and Lianzhong Records. The eleventh Korean mini-album, “BETWEEN 1&2,” contains a song with that name as its title.


Jeongyeon said that the concept of the song is Y2K and that the song embodies the concept of retro; Member Dahyun described the song as a “addictive” retro pop song “reminiscent of 2000.” The song’s lyrics are about “trying to get each other to say everything on their minds,” which is related to the theme of the music video, where TWICE accepts the task of making ONCE once say “I love you” to TWICE.

Let’s see Twice ‘Talk That Talk’ Lyrics Meaning below :

날 보는 eyes, 씩 웃는 lips, 맘에 들지, I like it (oh, yeah)

네 A to Z, 꽤 달콤해 (that’s right)

But I wanna skip (just skip), 더 결정적인 thing (that thing)

본론을 원해 빙빙 돌린, 서론 따위 말고 (I mean L-word)


English Translation :

The eyes that look at me, the lips that smile, I like it, I like it (oh, yeah)

Yes A to Z, pretty sweet (that’s right)

But I wanna skip (just skip), a more decisive thing (that thing)

I want to get to the main point, round and round, no introduction (I mean L-word)


‘Talk That Talk’ Lyrics Meaning :

This passage describes a person’s affection for another person, looking at him from the eyes, smiling at the corner of the mouth, sweet from A to Z, but he wants to skip it all and go straight to the most important place, no introduction needed , only one word is needed: love.


‘Talk That Talk’ Lyrics Meaning Pre-Chorus :

더-더-더-더-더, 더 보여줘 (보여줘)

너-너-너-너-너, 널 알려줘 (알려줘)

지금 난 need some hints 채우고 있어 너란 crosswords

삐삐삐삐삐, the time is up, 난 이미 알 것 같지만

네 목소리로 바로 듣고 싶은데

Baby, 내 답은 뻔하잖아, yes or yes?

밀거나 당기는 괜한 시간 낭비는 싫으니 (ah-ha)

과감하게 say it now, 원해 one to ten (yeah)

시작해볼까 right now

English Translation

More-more-more-more-more, show me more (show me)

You-you-you-you-you, let me know (let me know)

Now I need some hints, I’m filling up the crosswords called you

Beep beep beep beep, the time is up, I think I already know

I want to hear it right away with your voice

Baby, my answer is obvious, yes or yes?

I don’t like wasting time pushing or pulling (ah-ha)

Boldly say it now, I want one to ten (yeah)

Shall we start right now


‘Talk That Talk’ Lyrics Meaning Pre-Chorus :

This song’s lyrics convey a desire for love. The singer is hoping that the other party would be able to provide additional cues and let him know what they are thinking. Even if he believes he already knows the response, he still wants to hear the other person’s voice. he aspires The other side can start right away because he can speak honestly without hesitating. It is worth mentioning that the “YES OR YES” in the lyrics expresses the attitude of wanting to be affirmed by the other party, and it is also the name of a very popular single by Twice.


‘Talk That Talk’ Lyrics Meaning Chorus :

Tell me what you want, tell me what you need

A to Z, 다 말해봐, but 시작은 이렇게 해

Talk that talk, 딱 한 마디, talk that talk, L-O-V-E

들려줘, ooh, now, now, now, now, now, yeah (yeah, turn it up)

‘Talk That Talk’ Lyrics Meaning Chorus  English Translation :

Tell me what you want, tell me what you need

A to Z, tell me everything, but start like this

Talk that talk, just one word, talk that talk, L-O-V-E

Let me hear it, ooh, now, now, now, now, now, yeah (yeah, turn it up)


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‘Talk That Talk’ Lyrics Meaning Chorus Meaning:

This song’s lyrics convey a desire for love. The singer hopes that the other person will be able to fully express his needs and feelings to him in order to begin a lovely love. The vocalist wants to hear the word “L-O-V-E,” make it stronger, and make it more beautiful, as the only way the other person may communicate his love.

TWICE’s comeback is particularly noteworthy because it’s their first in Korea after the members renewed their contracts with JYP Entertainment, in addition to the poignant lyrics. Leader Jihyo revealed that until their company made the official announcement, none of the nine members knew they had renewed their contracts.

Another indication of their affection for ONCE is the fact that they all renewed. Jihyo stated that the largest factor in their decision to prolong their contract was their fans, and they were excited to tell Them about it.

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