The Theme Song of Criminal Record Series Soundtrack

This is the opening subtitle theme tune for “Criminal Records,” a new criminal series that will premiere on Apple TV+ in 2024.

You can see the videos in youtube below.

We all require a decent criminal series on a regular basis. Fortunately, streaming services seldom fail to disappoint: following the popularity of recent series and films such as Criminal Code, Reptiles, The Circle, FUBAR, and Who Is Irene Carter?, Apple TV+ will release an intriguing new edition of Criminal Record in 2024. Paul Rutman devised the show, which stars Peter Capaldi and Cush Jumbo. It has eight episodes and is based on an old murder case in London.

As is customary for a series of this caliber, the music for Crime Records was written by British composers Neil Davidge and Neil Davidge Michael “Mikey J” Asante, two accomplished artists who often score for movies, television shows, and video games. Of course, they picked the theme tune from the beginning: a great old melody that stood out from the moment you touched it.
“Only Me and You” from “Dreamer” serves as the theme music for “Criminal Records”‘ opening titles.

You won’t discover much information if you search the term “dreamers” on the internet. They are not a renowned band: they are a female trio made of three vocalists, Claire Perarta, Sylvia Wilburn, and Cecilia Silva, who were born in 1961 in San Antonio, Texas. Their music career was brief; the band split in 1968, and no founder can claim that their music had an impact in the 1960s.

Their records, however, are progressively gaining popularity in current times. Their songs have lately appeared in prominent TV series such as Riverdale, Dead to Me, You, and Euphoria, as revealed in this fascinating article from the San Antonio Express. You might recall a particular song from the soundtrack of one of the finest TV dramas of the last several years, “The Brave Lawyer,” which was used in the opening scene of Season 6 Episode 4, “Hitrun.” In this example, Dreamplane’s “most beautiful thing in life” is this song. You may see the scenes from “The Brave Lawyer” below, and you can listen to the original song here.

Former Dreamplane members are now just like the rest of us, going about their regular lives. They may, however, feel particularly proud since the music they composed decades ago, which few people recognized at the time, is still used on the soundtracks of famous current TV programs. One final example is the theme music from “Criminal Records”: will we hear it again soon?

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