The Song Lyrics & Meaning of Training Season

Training Season, Dua Lipa’s new track, is about relationships and self-confidence; here’s the meaning behind the lyrics.
Dua Lipa has returned with a new catchy single, and fans are once again embracing her distinct approach. Training Season was published in February 2024, and it features a danceable sound that sticks with you from the first moment you hear it, as well as lyrics that reveal light on the singer’s love life. The song’s significance is intriguing, and we will delve into it in this post. At the conclusion, you will also get the official video and entire lyrics.

Training Season is a song about dating and finding the proper spouse for you. In the lyrics, Dua Lipa explains her dating experience so far, stating that she had to teach her lovers on how to love her. As a symbol of her personal development, she now considers the training season over: from now on, she wants a partner who understands how to make her happy.
In the press release, Dua Lipa explained how she came up with the single:

As a result, the lyrics in Training Season have a double meaning: they both indicate, “I’m done telling men how to love me,” but also, “I want this learning phase of my life to be over and I can start harvesting what I deserve.” In the chorus, Dua Lipa has clearly clarified what sort of man she wants:

I need someone to hold me close
Deeper than I’ve ever known
Whose love feels like a rodeo
Knows just how to take control
When I’m vulnerable
He’s straight talking to my soul
Conversation overload
Got me feeling vertigo

And now that she understands this, she wants to know whether he can offer her all of this without having to explain anything in detail. That is how genuine love should work: two souls organically connecting with one other, feeling pleased, fulfilled, and whole without pushing the relationship.

Are you somebody who can go there?
‘Cause I don’t wanna have to show ya
If that ain’t you, then let me know, yeah

‘Cause training season’s over
The significance of the words in teaching Season is clear: I’m beyond trial periods; if I feel my partner is unable to make me happy naturally, I won’t insist on directing and teaching him on how to do so. I deserve someone who already understands how to love me.

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