The song in Red Queen series

In the Amazon Prime series Red Queen, Ezequiel continues whistling a tune that eventually becomes the protagonist: learn about this famous piece of classical music.
The series Red Queen, which premiered on Amazon Prime in February 2024, has a strangely captivating atmosphere, a bright investigator, a sadistic abductor, and other riddles that must be solved. The drama is based on Juan Gómez-Jurado’s book of the same name, and follows the intuitions of Antonia Scott, the world’s most intellectual woman, who assists the Red Queen project in solving the biggest crimes of our time.

Red Queen, directed by Koldo Serra, captures audiences with its gloom. The villain is terrifying because it embodies incomprehensible evil: for the most of Season 1, Ezequiel appears to torment his victims despite the fact that they are innocent. Their parents are the true focus of his acts, but that just makes him scarier to those at his mercy.

A good villain must have a gloomy atmosphere surrounding him. When Ezequiel’s victims are around, he whistles a scary melody. Something many of us recognize from our understanding of classical music, even if it is not immediately obvious. The tune that sticks with you in Red Queen, hummed by Ezequiel amid the scariest scenes.

One of the most well-known pieces of classical music from the 1800s may be found at the Mountain King Hall. It is part of Grieg’s bigger composition Peer Gynt, which he created as incidental music to Henrik Ibsen’s play of the same title.

The composition represents Peer Gynt, the protagonist, creeping inside the mountain king’s hall, which is home to trolls and other magical animals. The music is noted for its dramatic and emotional tone, which mirrors Peer’s exploits in the mountain hall. The song has a repeated and growing theme that produces a sense of tension and excitement, making it one of Grieg’s most well-known and often played works.

In the Hall of the Mountain Because of its evocative and unforgettable qualities, King has been utilized extensively in popular culture, including films, advertising, and television shows. One of the reasons why the current audience is aware of it is Man, a short cartoon produced by the well-known illustrator Steve Cutts that condemns humanity’s disrespectful actions toward nature. Watch it below, with the same music playing in the background.

In the Hall of the Mountain King is an excellent option for the hallmark theme of a ruthless monster like Ezequiel: the song conveys a sense of fear and worry, a musical composition that is misaligned with the natural balance of the earth. It’s exactly the vibe Grieg intended to create for Ibsen’s piece. Almost two decades later, the song remains one of the most powerful examples of 19th-century Romantic music.

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