The main actress is Kate Hudson in the 2024 Rakuten commercial

“This is unbelievable.” Kate Hudson appears in the middle of the new Rakuten commercial, and the reason she is astonished is not what you may expect at first. The entire premise of the new advertisement is three females running into each other in the restroom and realizing they all had the same outfit. What’s truly alarming is the cashback scheme provided by the Rakuten shopping app.

It’s a typical, current, humorous ad that you’ll remember for a long time. Watch it below.

Kate Hudson is clearly the principal actor and heroine in the Rakuten advertising for 2024. She has appeared in a number of well-known films and television series, including Glee, How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, and You, Me, and Dupree. She was especially enthused by the premise of the Rakuten commercial: “From the moment I learned of the concept, I immediately resonated with this scenario of bonding with women over a shared love for a dress,” she stated when the ad was launched. “It’s not only relatable, but aspirational, because who wouldn’t want to stumble upon a great find like Rakuten during a chance encounter – I love it!”

Okay, but what outfit are these three females wearing? Patricia Bonaldi, the founder of the fashion brand PatBo, created it exclusively. The outfit was exclusively developed for the Rakuten commercial and is only available through Rakuten’s online store. This means you only need to go to their official website, where you will locate it easy. And, sure, the 10% cashback also applies to this garment!

You know everything you need right now. The 2024 Rakuten commercial piqued your interest, and you concluded your research here. Isn’t that how a good ad works?

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