The lyrics & their meaning of Tejano Blue

Cigarettes After Sex’s mellow, pleasant tone, romantic lyrics, and serene ambiance make it easy to recognize their songs. Their new song was published in the end of February 2024, anticipating the album X’s, which will be released in July. Tejano Blue has its origins in Greg Gonzalez’s musical youth, and its lyrics have a unique musical reference, which the band’s leader revealed in a press release.

Let’s learn more about Cigarettes After Sex’s new song, Tejano Blue: you’ll find an analysis of its meaning and the full lyrics at the conclusion of this post.

Tejano Blue is a celebration of physical love: in the lyrics, the singer discusses spending happy times with the girl he loves, having sex “all the time.”

Tejano Blue, the song’s title, refers to Greg Gonzalez’s boyhood passion, Tejano music. As he stated when the song was released, the concept behind the new album is to combine the dream pop sound with the blues and Tejano music he listened to as a child. He specifically recalls Selena Quintanilla’s song, Como La Flor, which was one of her most successful releases as the “Queen of Tejano music.” You can hear it here on YouTube.

The majority of the words are an homage to all the physical affection the singer shared with the person he loved. The intensity he attempted to generate during those times was meant to be remembered as unique, an accomplishment that comes after years of seeking for the ultimate love tale.

I always will make it feel like you were the last one
Get in the waves like it was the first time
Bless your heart, make you part of my life forever

It’s pure poetry, dedicated to the manifestations of love that the band loves to explore in their music. Tejano music serves as an inspirational backdrop, and the message behind the Tejano Blue lyrics is clear: I recall those wonderful, passionate moments we had as one of the most intense sensations I’ve ever had. Cigarettes After Sex’s dream pop music is about longing for a past that will never return, and the new song brilliantly captures this sentiment, echoing the music Greg Gonzalez listened to when he was younger.

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