Song Review: XG – GRL GVNG

Musically the song is solid I guess, but I just can’t get over how tacky their whole concept is. Every XG song feels like they are crafted out of the most generic and cliche elements of western hip-hop/rnb as an attempt to market to that audience. The idea of a foreign company appropriating an image and sound without actually understanding any of the nuance associated with it and then trying to sell it back to us just comes off as very distasteful. Regardless of your thoughts or feelings about cultural appropriation, I don’t think it’s possible to deny how goofy this is.

The thing is they’ve cited many influential artists of hiphop/r&b as their inspo. It’s not appropriation to make music of those genre as a foreign artist. You’re taking it all way too seriously which is making it hard for you to enjoy the music. Every XG song has an inspiration for it and none of it feels cliche nor generic. It feels like XG they put their own spin and flavor in it. Their most “generic” song would be GRL GVNG but even then it’s flowing with their own style and vibe. I also don’t understand how their concept is tacky either when each concept they’ve shown has been pulled off exceptionally well…

Kinda lowkey (but not as low as Tippy Toes), definitely feels more “b-side” or “intro” than songs like Left Right. A perfect album or performance opener tbh, I can visualize them performing GRL GVNG right before their title track on music shows.

8! Need a few listen (and the MV) before it clicked for me.

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