Review of the song Teen Top’s HWEEK

Teen Top is the newest second-generation group to enter K-pop’s summer lineup, just days after SHINee and U-KISS debuted brand-new music. I have no idea what a “hweek” is, but I’ll take any hweek that brings back all my old favorites in the business!

When it comes to energy, HWEEK () is comparable to U-KISS’s The Wonderful Escape. I adore how these older bands are defying convention and singing upbeat summer melodies without any regard for fashion. HWEEK is vivacious and thrilling. Its bouncy music takes off right away, occasionally evoking the rompishness of 50s and 60s rock but climaxing in an exuberant chorus that is pure K-pop summer. And speaking of choruses, Teen Top is kind enough to alter the song’s key as it approaches its conclusion!

I wasn’t sure about HWEEK’s string of candy-colored hooks after the first listen. Are they becoming unnecessarily repetitive? Time will tell if this worry is justified, but successive listens have already become used to the goofy falsetto surges. The carnival-like mood of the song undoubtedly aids. Even if I’m not quite ready to give HWEEK a full “9” today, I wouldn’t be shocked if it eventually does. It will undoubtedly become a mainstay on my summer playlist.

The switch to falsetto is catchy! And I was so delighted with the crucial shift. Where are the major changes from 4th generation? When was the last time you heard one?

This is certainly a high 8 for me because I am a member of both Team Whistle and Team Key Change. Please take note that the instrumental’s brass, while being tuned, is still quite great.
I adore it damnit because this sounds like every SuJu B-side from the 2015 Magic period. Here, Niel or Donghae sound so much alike. Without the choo choo train, added camp, and compulsory ELF shout out, portions of the verse resemble the Super Show theme song “Wow wow wow” – a suggestion if you enjoy this song you might like Wow wow wow.

What is this, a “sped-up” version, I hear. Okay, this week’s TOPS are TEEN TOP! They have to be attentive. But here’s the truly weird part: This is an old-school sped-up version, which means that the entire music accelerates and rises like chipmunks when a 45rpm speed setting is selected on the turntable. Alternatively, if you have a nice schmancy turntable, anywhere between 33 and 45. Not like on YouTube, where pressing the digital speed button causes the music to play at a faster pace while maintaining the same pitch.

Swoon! just for me! I feel young once more. Hah!

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