Review of the song Un-Normal by Queenz Eye

Late last year, Queenz Eye made their debut with a song that I never blogged about. They’ve now returned with a fresh sound and their first comeback. I find that Un-Normal feels very normal, especially in light of recent K-pop girl group trends. It’s the most recent of several groovy, mid-tempo pop/r&b songs.

I recently discovered that practically all of my favorite 90s songs could be categorized as either r&b or hip-hop when listening to a 90s playlist. What a heyday for those genres that was! And the qualities that set such songs apart from others are the same qualities that set apart any song: excellent production and enduring melody. Too many of these new K-pop songs mimic the 90s style without hooks and head-nodding beats to stand the test of time.

Un-Normal is *fine* in the way so many recent songs of this style are fine. Truthfully, it’s becoming more difficult to write anything new about them. I like Queenz Eye’s vocals. The groove is decent. The melodies barely stick. All in all, it’s decent summertime mood music.

To my surprise, I am biased to this style. It’s indeed in the mid-tempo trend, but it’s rarely a sleek RnB fare like this one.

It feels more of a proper KRnB track rather than K-Pop. And for KRnB, it ticks almost all the boxes. Maybe SAAY, Summer Cake, or Moon Sujin would fit this style.

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