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Baby Ruby – January 01

Danny gives us a distinct perspective on Hyderabad, but as the story turns to Tatipalli, we are taken to a whole different place. The buildings with terracotta roofs and stone walls give the impression that they have withstood urbanization and have been preserved in time. When Danny shows up on a modern bike that he stole from a friend, he makes Kishore (Sai Kiran) and Kumar (Kumar Pawan), two vagrants from the hamlet, very excited. Other than the odd small-dollar recharge, Gopi laments that there isn’t much business for a mobile phone shop in the area.

Bubby Games: Springs Awakening – January 01

In the hilarious, outrageous follow-up to the smash comedy, the film centers on Dan Bakkedahl (Veep), Kevin Dillon (Entourage), Josh Duhamel (Transformers Franchise), James Roday Rodriguez (Psych), and Nick Swardson (Grandma’s Boy), who reunite and embark on a trip where the Buddy Games begin and they face their biggest challenge yet. Josh Duhamel is the director, while Jamie Elliott and Ralph E. Portillo are the producers.

Sheroes – January 01

Jordan Gertner is the director and Paramount Pictures is the producer of the movie. Isabelle Fuhrman, Wallis Day, and Sasha Luss play crucial parts in this thrilling action-suspenseful story. Four thick-as-thieves buddies who travel in Thailand and rapidly find themselves in over their heads are the focus of the narrative. In a heart-pounding struggle for survival, they use their special set of abilities and unleash their ferocious allegiance in an attempt to survive.

Marry My Husband – January 01

In the show, Kang Ji-won, a cancer patient who is near death, is murdered by her spouse and closest friend when she discovers them having an extramarital affair. Ten years prior to the tragedy, she awakens and resolves to get retribution with the assistance of Yu Ji-hyuk, a director at her workplace. She had to take back her destiny and get rid of the garbage in her life now. Song Ha-yoon, Park Min-Young, and Na In-woo play important parts in the fantasy comedy series.

Kaathal – The Core – January 05

The Malayalam film, directed by Jeo Baby, centers on Mammootty’s character, Mathew Devassy, a former bank manager, who runs as an independent candidate in the local panchayat elections. When Mathew’s wife, played by Jyothika, takes a decision that shocks the society, the narrative thickens. In addition to exploring issues of justice and personal fulfillment within the tight-knit village community, the story delves deeply into the intricacies of their marriage.

Foe – January 05

is a melancholic examination of identity and marriage in an unsettling society. Hen and Junior cultivate a remote plot of land that has been in Junior’s family for many generations, but when an unexpected visitor named Aaron Pierre knocks on their door and makes an astonishing proposal, their peaceful existence is upended. Will they jeopardize their romance and maybe even their identities in order to have a better chance of surviving in a foreign land? Saoirse Ronan and Paul Mescal feature in the dystopian thriller, which is directed by Garth Davis and co-written by Iain Reid.

Death’s Game – January 05

In the Korean drama, Yee-jae, depressed over all of his mistakes, resolves to end his life and “control death.” Yee-jae is subsequently punished by Death (Park So-dam), who chooses to reincarnate him twelve times, giving him twelve distinct lives. Yee-jae’s sentence includes stopping their impending deaths. Starring in the drama are Sung Hoon, Park So-dam, and Seo In-guk.

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