New Jeans Song Review – NewJeans (뉴진스)

I am seriously so obsessed with whoever composes and produces the music, what do they lace the tracks with? The music really complements the girls’ voices, it’s so enjoyable to listen to and feels natural, like seriously so good, to me at least. And the editing and marketing… Really impressive.

I think what gets me the most about this group is their vocals. They sound so smooth and so easy to listen to. The songs are never overwhelming. They have the right amount of repetition so that they’re easy to learn/sing/hum, and I can put them on in nearly any setting and it fits. I’m a program manager who often has to plan events and needs general/neutral playlists that the general public can listen to. New Jeans is always on it.

This song is super cute. The music video is colorful and fun. I’m pretty sure I’ve already got the chorus down and I’ve only listened to it twice. I’ll be singing it by tomorrow, no problem. I can’t wait to see what they come up with next!

Fitting for an intro song, the mv is fantastic though, very creative with many layers to it (the pseudo documentary / bts parts, the narrative of them transforming into the powerpuff girls, the meta layers of the youtube shot and seeing the mv / song getting made with their respective tools), fantastic stuff.

Very much so an appetizer for more to come on the ep, i can already see why ador said one should listen from beginning to end.

Cutest MV I’ve ever seen. There’s so many easter eggs as well, gonna have to go through the MV multiple times to see them.

I just adore them. Their aesthetics and sound bring me back to being a middle school student in 2002. As a person who lived it, it’s genuine early 00s vibes. I also love how down to earth the girls are.

i now have “new hair~ new tee~ newjeans~ do you see~” stuck in my head.but also if they actually release the PPGxNJ game featured in the MV as an actual game, i would 100000% play it

Their creative/visual team is working overtime, they’re truly killing it with NewJeans. The song is so cute and catchy too!! I love everything about this mini already
It’s wild, they even added the Ban Heesoo channel again on the right side of the NewTube screen, lol.

“NewJeans | funny moments to watch forever 🐰💗”

Danielle’s “being able to talk with plaaaants” is killing me, “know what they think”. Ador manages to include quite some humor in their mvs too, we already had these reaction shots in OMG which were hysterical, here the cutting between different answers of what their superpower would be really creates funny moments 😀

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