Nako Hitomi to appear in ‘Queendom Puzzle’

Nako Hitomi to appear in ‘Queendom Puzzle’… Mnet “Casting in progress”

Will Yabuki Nako and Honda Hitomi from ‘IZ*ONE’ try again as a K-pop girl group? Rumors of the two appearing on a domestic broadcasting program arose.

Mnet’s ‘Queendom Puzzle’ side told Dispatch on the 19th, “Currently, casting is in progress. As it is a sensitive issue, we are careful to tell you in detail.”

‘Queendom Puzzle’ is a new program that is the 3rd installment of the ‘Queendom’ series. Girl group members appear and decorate the stage. We are aiming for the first broadcast in June. I’m going to start filming for the first time soon.

It is a different format from ‘Comeback War: Queendom’ (2019) and ‘Queendom 2’ (2022). If the goal of the previous series was to rediscover the group, in ‘Queendom Puzzle’, each member becomes the center.

This is a broadcast for the formation of a project girl group. The birth of a girl group that is active for a certain period of time through ‘Queendom Puzzle’. Performers participate in a contest to become the final member.

On the 10th, ‘Queendom Puzzle’ said, “We plan to unveil an artist lineup that will surprise everyone in May.” Afterwards, Nako Yabuki and Hitomi Honda were asked to appear.

The two officially ended their IZ*ONE activities in April 2021. Returned to the original groups HKT48 and AKB48, and has been active in Japan.

Among them, Nako Yabuki left HKT48 after her graduation concert on the 1st. She revealed her intention to challenge herself as an actress. She also served as the MC for SBS M’s ‘The Idol Band: Boys Battle’.

Honda Hitomi is in charge of the AKB48 center. In addition to group activities, he is active in various fields such as beauty brand model and police public relations ambassador.

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