Minji’s stunning visual for “NewJeans” was chosen as the Chanel Korea Ambassador.

Minji from “NewJeans” was chosen to represent the upscale brand Chanel in Korea.

“Minji will be active as an official ambassador for Chanel’s Beauty, Fashion, Watch & Jewelry departments,” the advertising agency Adore declared on the 14th.

She became aware of the current craze. The first instance of Chanel Korea involves the simultaneous selection of ambassadors for the watch & jewelry, fashion, and beauty industries.

When she was chosen to represent Chanel, Minji also designed the cover of the March issue of the fashion publication “Alle.” Since her debut, she has only adorned one exclusive magazine cover.

Minji accurately captured the Chanel style and cosmetics in the image. She had a stylish and assured expression as she peered into her camera. He displayed his aptitude for business.


Her stunning appearance stood out as well. On her little face, Minji displayed exquisite skin and flawless features. She sensed a distinct, opulent vibe.

In a conversation with her on that day, Minji commented, “I personally think she is on the lucky side. She was fast to seize opportunities when they presented themselves, she claimed.

The best comment, according to her, was that I felt good throughout (NewJeans’) performance. She also expressed pride that our energy, which is truly enjoyable on stage, seemed to have been well communicated.

NewJeans-Minji predebut photo

The title song “OMG” and the b-side song “Ditto” from Minji’s newly released single album, which are both from the band NewJeans to which she belongs, both entered the US Billboard “Hot 100” during this time.

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