Mamamoo’s US tour sold out at high speed

Mamamoo has proven their global ticket power.

Mamamoo opened pre-sale tickets for their first world tour ‘MY CON’ America tour. According to ‘RBW’, the pre-booked seats were sold out as soon as they opened.

Following Seoul last November, Mamamoo held a total of 15 concerts in 9 Asian cities. The performance ended with all seats sold out for the previous round.

Pre-order tickets for the Americas tour to be held next month also sold out quickly. At the same time as the pre-booked seats opened, the traffic exceeded and the server went down. It proved that you can trust and listen to it.

Starting in New York on the 16th of next month (local time), Mamamoo will meet global MooMoo (fandom name) in Baltimore, Atlanta, Nashville, Fort Worth, Chicago, Glendale, Auckland, LA, etc.

reveal the true value In the preceding concert, Mamamoo presented an all-time great stage with all-time hit songs and solo stages. The Americas tour will also be presented with high-quality performances.

Meanwhile, Mamamoo will kick off their US tour in New York on the 16th of next month.

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