‘Lift’ Review : Continuing Romance with Airplanes and Comedy

Kevin Hart’s relationship with airplanes is complicated. His character in the 2004 movie “Soul Plane” went through a harrowing ordeal on an aircraft, sued the airline, and used the settlement to launch his own airline. In the 2016 American action comedy “The Central Intelligence Agency,” he assisted Dwyane Johnson’s character in making an aircraft theft. He was dropped over the desert by a light plane the next year in Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle. A hilarious film from his stand-up comedy special “Kevin Hart: Reality Check” depicts him being questioned by Mexican airport police regarding drug-related matters.

Kevin made an appearance on Jimmy Kinmer’s live program in 2018. Kevin’s jet crashed in Boston shortly after it landed, and he spun about amusingly before the Boston Celtics vs. Philadelphia 76ers NBA game. In the forthcoming Netflix film “The Elevator,” Kevin portrays the head of an eccentric gang of individuals who utilize airplanes to pilfer $500 million worth of gold from a plane that has been taken over by evildoers.

Kim Yoon-ji, an American actor and musician, made his big screen debut in Lift. After working on an American project of this magnitude, she believes Hollywood’s Hollywood model of allowing actors to play any part will be adopted by the Korean film industry at home. “I don’t get to do that as much back home; whenever we had a different scene to pull off, we were given the chance to talk about it as a group and we were able to stage it beforehand.” She continues, “She was able to express the character more effectively because she was free to be in character and do whatever she wanted.”

In the movie, before this crew happens across a once-in-a-lifetime assignment, they are merely a group of talented professional thieves who enjoy to steal art. That brought to mind the proverb, “Good artists copy, but great artists steal.” I wonder whether these performers can recall “stealing” a method or piece of advice from an actor that has proven successful for them over the years.

What exactly is the issue with Kevin Hart and airplanes, then? (laughs) That’s very cute. When you phrased it that way, I never considered the possibility that I may be ill and that anything is wrong. Kevin informs us using Zoom.

Kevin, who loves to travel, claims that flying has shaped his life and that it has increased his opportunities to meet new people. And I’ve been able to enjoy myself immensely with it. I hope people view this video as their favorite memory of him. “From Soul Plane to the stories I have shared from my experiences, all of them are great moments,” he adds. “But the progression to telling a story like Lift is a game changer.”

Gugu is making her debut in an American comedy with Lift. Her majority of film roles have been severe and dramatic, with the exception of the British comedy Misbehaviour. It was enjoyable to switch things up and an opportunity to be more playful. I don’t want to work exclusively in one genre. Furthermore, seeing locations like Venice, Cortina d’Ampezzo, and Trieste was a lot of fun, the woman adds.

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