Laufey’s song Goddess:Exploring the two faces of love and heartbreaks

Laufey, our favorite Icelandic artist, is back with her first song of 2024, Goddess, and a reissue of her smash 2023 album Bewitched. The new tune, which will be formally released in March 2024, delves into the dark side of love, dissecting a personal experience that the vocalist is likely to have experienced recently.

In this post, we will look at the significance behind Laufey’s new song, Goddess; you can also find the official video and full lyrics at the bottom.

Goddess is a song about the expectations and realities of a love connection; in the lyrics, the singer examines a recent relationship she had with someone who idealized her, treating her as a goddess, particularly for her musical profession. However, as Laufey demonstrated her actual, human side, the other person slipped away, unable to handle the true complexity of love.

The Goddess lyrics convey melancholy. Laufey feels herself foolish for thinking he loved her for who she was. It is undeniably a symptom of immaturity on her part, but she admits to believing those lies, most likely too quickly.

It always goes like this
Could’ve predicted it
I’m so naive to think you loved me for me
Kissed as I ran off stage
You’re too old to play this game
Guess you’re still growing up at thirty

Laufey characterizes her personality as a twin entity: there is the singer, with all of the splendor surrounding her, and then there is the lady, human and honest. This is how the other person viewed her, and she verifies this double vision in the lyrics:

You took a star to bed
Woke up with me instead
You must have felt so damn deceived
When you
Made up version of
Me that you thought you’d love

A clue in the lyrics reveals that this individual has followed her career since the beginning. This would explain why this individual became so close to Laufey’s idol: she loved a face associated with her career and was unable to enjoy who she was off stage.

This is the true meaning behind the Goddess lyrics: I am human, and I want to be appreciated for who I truly am. You deceived me, fascinated with the limelight around me, professing to love me for who I am, and I believed you. It’s a song about illusions, disappointments, and maybe regrets. We all want to be fully seen and appreciated, and it might be more difficult for a successful musician like Laufey, who is always weighed down by her musical profession.

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