Know More About Tony Swan in Reacher Season 2

The plot development of the second season of Reacher is slow, and the New Era attacked the 110th Special Investigation Team, but it’s not just: Is Tony Swan bad/dirty?

Since the return of “Reacher” to Amazon Prime Video in December 2023, the television industry has been filled with people analyzing the quality and progress of the second season. Jack from “Reacher” has returned and once again collaborates with his loyal partner Nigel (the two undoubtedly have a strong relationship). This time, we learned about the infamous 110th Special Investigation Team, which was led by Reacher many years ago during his time in the Army. Someone is killing one team member after another, and Rachel is working with Nigel, Dixon, and O’Donnell in an attempt to capture their enemies.

However, this plot contains a mysterious side that constantly troubles Reacher (and the audience) episode after episode. We understand the New Era Technology Company and its plan to sell advanced missiles to terrorists. We also know that Calvin Franz was killed by Sean Langston, the security director of the New Era, because he discovered these plans. Sanchez and Orosco also passed away due to their involvement in New Age events.

So, this question remains valid and one of Reacher’s main questions for Season 2: Is Tony Swann a bar/dirty guy?.
Undoubtedly, people have a high level of attention towards him, especially other members of the Rachel team. However, Rachel never doubted him, and what happened in the sixth episode of the second season seemed to support his position: Marlo Burns hired Swan in the new era, and he confirmed that Swan would never be involved in terrorist plans. He is trying to uncover this with his former military colleagues.. Based on these new elements, we can have confidence in Tony Swan’s sincerity.

The biggest problem is Tony Swan. All the evidence of his work for the new era indicates that he actively participated in the anti-terrorism plan of the new era. Starting from the first episode of the second season, Jack Rachel has always believed that Swan is not a bad person or a dirty person: he has many memories of his experiences with Swan, including sacrificing himself to receive a bullet destined to shoot a mine.. However, as the conspiracy progressed, everything seemed to point towards his sense of guilt: he signed a document allowing missiles to leave the New Century Denver factory, and even seemed to have sent these two people to Franz’s funeral to kill Reich and his team members.

This means that Langston is using Swan as a hostage. He forced him to sign documents and move missiles, and even hired assassins under his own name to deal with Rachel and his team. This also means that Tony Swan is still alive, and Rachel needs to save him.

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