Kiss Of Life – Shhh Song Review

It seems like Kiss Of Life have made their debut a number of times already because there are so many pre-releases. The song they’ll be singing, promoting, and eventually known for is Shhh (), though. Because of this, it is somewhere in the lower half of their growing discography.

I may have been naive, but I truly wanted Shhh to give me a taste of something different. The music contains a few of the intriguing noises that were teased in the teasers. But like so many of their contemporaries, Kiss Of Life choose to perform in chants and use the infamous anti-drop during the chorus of Shhh.

I felt hopeful listening to the song’s first stanza. There are some beautiful vocal harmonies that stand out and give the ensemble some promise. This strategy, though, is still constrained throughout the remainder of the course. The hook of Shhh is yet another uninteresting spoken-word piece. A brass sample running below gives the song individuality, but a post-chorus that repeats itself is annoying. The track’s prospects aren’t helped by the too plodding percussion. The solos by Natty, Belle, and Julie are still unsurpassed.

I enjoy it! If I had a nickel for each time this year that a kpop gg released a my everything/dangerous woman era ariana reject, I’d have two nickels, to quote Dr. Doofenshmirtz. It isn’t much, but the fact that it happened twice is strange.

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