Kali Uchis, Igual Que Un Ángel: Lyrics Explained

Kali Uchis is back with a new album, Orqudeas, with a song with Peso Pluma, Igual Que Un ngel: let’s find out what the English lyrics imply.
Kali Uchis’s promised new musical phase is now taking shape. After hits like Muekita, Te Mata, and Labios Mordidos, the Colombian American singer launched her fourth album, Orqudeas, and a new video, Tu Corazón Es Mo / Diosa, in which she proudly displays herself pregnant. The album has many lovely songs, and fans have spent their time examining the issues and faces of Kali Uchis’ new period.

Igual Que Un ngel, a duet with famous Mexican singer Peso Pluma, is one of the songs that has garnered attention: a piece with complex, symbolic lyrics and an intriguing meaning that each listener may interpret in their own manner. Let’s have a look at them in this post, where you’ll also discover an English translation of the whole lyrics as well as the official streaming at the conclusion.

Igual Que Un ngel is a song about the genuine essence of love: the lyrics are about a mystery woman who doesn’t want superficial things but wants true love since she understands how it affects your life. “Igual Que Un ngel” translates to “Like an Angel,” meaning that this woman is one-of-a-kind and out of this planet.
The words in the beginning begin to introduce us to this woman. She belongs in paradise; she experienced agony because of love, but her heart remains pure. We might imagine her as a modern fighter, navigating through a society engulfed in superficiality yet retaining the beauty of pure love.

The song makes no specific mention of who this woman may be. However, we know that love is a prominent element in Kali Uchis’ album Orqudeas, and the feminine perspective is always the protagonist: the singer wants to encourage a healthy attitude to love, where poisonous relationships are not tolerated. Te Mata was already clear on this point: every woman needs a genuine love connection that keeps her calm and joyful. In Igual Que Un ngel, we witness a hero: the image of a lady sent from Heaven who may teach us how to keep our hearts pure after suffering and betrayal.

After all, this is the true meaning of these lyrics: you, amazing lady, remained pure despite your anguish; you are like an angel (Igual Que Un ngel), encouraging us in how we cope with love. Kalu Uchis asks all women to seek for higher models in this song, upgrading their goals. We can’t afford to squander our time with individuals who don’t deserve us, therefore we have to take love seriously.

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