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Jisoo, the final BLACKPINK soloist, finally made her debut solo album “ME,” which includes the title song “FLOWER” and the included song “All Eyes On Me,” official on March 31 after seven years since her debut. the first tune. The volume of pre-orders for the album exceeded 1.3 million before it was released, breaking the highest record for a Korean solo female singer; the MV of “FLOWER” broke through within 42 minutes of its launch 5 million hits on Youtube, also breaking the record. After waiting for so many years, the level of fans’ expectations is fully reflected in sales and click-through rates. What do you think about the divisive nature of the song’s judgment at the moment?

So what do the “꽃(FLOWER)” lyrics mean? Read more below to find out. What do Jisoo’s “FLOWER” lyrics mean?

JISOO explained what “Flower” meant to her in an interview with the Korean website NAVER. According to a translation of the article, she stated, “I chose ‘FLOWER’ as the title song because it is a song that embodies me the best, with a perfect balance in all aspects, from voice to performance to visual elements. “Something came to me like fate the moment I heard the demo in the studio for the first time. Although it is a dance song, the lyrical lyrics give it an unexpected charm, and the melody is extremely catchy. The love for “All Eyes On Me” is so unique that it was considered as a potential title song. Feeling upbeat but dangerous?

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ABC 도레미만큼 착했던 나
그 눈빛이 싹 변했지
어쩌면 이 또한 나니까

난 파란 나비처럼 날아가
잡지 못한 건 다 네 몫이니까
활짝 꽃피웠던 시간도 이제 모두
내겐 lie lie lie

This part tells the story of gradually losing one’s innocence on the way of chasing dreams, and the glamorous appearance is more ironic than a lie

붉게 타버려진 너와 나
난 괜찮아 넌 괜찮을까
구름 한 점 없이 예쁜 날
꽃향기만 남기고 갔단다
꽃향기만 남기고 갔단다

You and me, 미칠 듯이 뜨거웠지만
처참하게 짓밟혀진 내 하나뿐인 라일락

난 하얀 꽃잎처럼 날아가
잡지 않은 것은 너니까
살랑살랑 부는 바람에 이끌려
봄은 오지만 우린 bye bye bye

The lyrics hopes to bloom its own beauty like a flower;

She thought up the [ME] while simultaneously seeking inspiration from within. “What makes ‘Jisoo’, a solo artist, so appealing?” I had a lot of unanswered questions as I was getting ready for the album. While defending myself, I wanted to display a fresh and varied aspect of myself. It is an album that expresses “me” in its entirety and was made only after much difficulty in looking within. I took part in the album’s general creation and put in that kind of tireless effort from start to finish. I sense my strength and growth as I go through the process of learning about new charms I wasn’t aware of.

붉게 타버려진 너와 나
난 괜찮아 넌 괜찮을까
구름 한 점 없이 예쁜 날
꽃향기만 남기고 갔단다
꽃향기만 남기고 갔단다

이젠 안녕 goodbye
뒤는 절대 안 봐
미련이란 이름의 잎새 하나
봄비에 너에게서 떨어져
꽃향기만 남아

꽃향기만 남기고 갔단다

The final parts brings out a different state of mind, just like the lyrics “Now, goodbye, never look behind!” In the future, I will make up my mind to follow my heart and walk out of my own flower path without fear of worldly eyes.

Jisoo’s solo album “ME” is different from BLACKPINK’s girlcrush impression. This time Jisoo not only uses “flowers” throughout the theme, emphasizing Jisoo’s innate elegance, but also uses the seemingly soft but incomparably strong vitality of flowers Show everyone a different version of yourself.

JISOO praised BLINKS for all of their assistance and for keeping her fans in mind as they worked on the record. My heart skips a beat and I’m amazed every time I hear the word “first.” I’m appreciative of the support I’ve received from so many people, but I know I can do better. I’m doing my very best to live up to that expectation till the very end. I’m thrilled to release a solo album because the world tour, the conclusion of last year, and the beginning of this year are all with the fans. Although it wasn’t produced with the season in mind, the album’s release in the spring, when “flowers” bloom, was the ideal timing. “Good start!”

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