(G)I-dle, Wife Lyrics and Meaning

Many individuals have tried to decipher the meaning behind the words to (G)I-dle’s new song, Wife. There are several reasons for this: the single has a secret message that must be read, and translating the lines from Korean is not always easy. However, the words and video provide indications that cannot be disregarded. This page will explain the true meaning of the song, and you will also discover an English translation of the lyrics at the conclusion, along with the official video.

WIFE is a satirical song criticizing women’s domestic roles in modern society; in the lyrics, (G) I-DLE members portray the stereotypical woman who is dedicated to her husband, prepares meals, and cleans the house. However, several indications in the song lead us to believe the woman has an awful intention.

The wife’s insistence on her husband eating the entire dish “in big bites,” “without spitting it out,” leads to the first suspects. She also says that the soup tastes like “Coco Loco,” a Spanish term for anything insane. She wants her boyfriend to complete it.

I cook cream soup, taste is Coco Loco
Want me your wife, but she is mm, mm, mm

Have a big bite, honey
It’s bad if you spit out your full stomach

There are surely sexual references in the lyrics. The wife wants him to “kiss carefully” and “eat boldly” what she prepared, including the “cherry on top” of her cake. However, at the same time, she seems pretty excited about what she will do after her husband finishes the meal. She will “sing a great song,” she will “feel good,” and he will be “full.”

In the official video, the singers all appear the same, meaning that they are all impersonating the stereotype of how society desires a bride. They smile creepily and dance as if they are being controlled by a puppeteer. All of this, along with the information in the English lyrics, lead fans to conclude the wife is attempting to poison her husband: the lyrics’ meaning fits nicely in both readings, the enticing woman and the wife attempting to murder her hubby.

In conclusion, Wife may be understood in two ways, and the English lyrics are purposefully unclear so that we can read what we believe is more fitting. Certainly, this lady has a special plan for her husband. If he finishes her entire dinner, we’ll find out if her initial plan was to seduce or murder him.

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