‘Berlin’ series review: The Money Heist is about hearts than heists

Berlin recounts the story of a bunch of thieves who can take anything but their hearts. Unfortunately, it just took up more than six hours of your time.

Just like its parent series, Berlin is also based on a carefully planned robbery and takes into account all unexpected events. But unlike the original series, which mainly revolves around actual robberies and jumps into the personal lives of the robbers to distract our attention from the tense robbery sequence, Berlin is almost entirely about the love life of its main actors. In fact, this robbery involved stealing 44 million pieces of jewelry from a heavily guarded vault, and the spoilers warned that it was completed in half of the time for this 8-episode series. Next is a series of incomplete love stories disguised as police pursuit.

Berlin (played by Pedro Alonso) can be said to be the most charming character in a money robbery gang. In the original work, he is a terminally ill thief, a mentally ill patient and a self-centered narcissist, but he also values the principles of friendship and is ultimately willing to sacrifice himself for it. In this series full of charming characters, his background story is enough to make the series a derivative for an infinite future, and Berlin is also the brother of the mastermind professor, completely different from his nerd brothers. In the third season of “Money Robbery”, Berlin showcased the best charm of this eponymous character, while Alonso portrayed him as a man willing to do anything for love, witnessing his completely different past.

Equally disappointing is that the series was not built upon some interesting ideas that already existed in the script. For example, when Berlin had an affair with a married woman, his teammate Damian (played by Tristan Uloa) learned that his wife was unfaithful to him; The series implies similarities here, but never utilizes it. There are some interesting lines, such as “Love is a disease at different stages – anxiety when finding it, fear when losing it, frustration when leaving you” and “Robbery is not a plan, robbery is a course”. In addition to mentioning the professor, there are even some surprising guest appearances, including familiar faces. But apart from introducing some strong female characters in a poorly written series, they haven’t added much.
Berlin is a series with extremely shallow plot and too many convenient twists and turns. This should be the story of a group of thieves who can steal anything, but cannot save their hearts from being stolen. Unfortunately, it will only take up over six hours of your time, and you would rather spend the time looping through listening to “Bella Ciao”.

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