Beautiful Things: Lyrics and Meaning

Benson Boone, the TikTok hero, has returned with a new song, Beautiful Things, which conveys an important message: let’s look at the lyrics and their significance.

Some music may speak to our hearts. They provide a distinct viewpoint and remind us how valuable life is. Beautiful Things, Benson Boone’s song published in January 2024, is undoubtedly one of those: a captivating ballad about the essence of life, infused with thankful lyrics and a message that we can all embrace. If you want the full lyrics, you may find them at the end of this page, along with the song’s official video. But first, let us examine the music and its beauty.

Beautiful Things is a song about the ebb and flow of happiness; in its lyrics, Benson Boone muses on how glad and joyful he is for the treasures God has bestowed upon him and hopes he does not lose them.

Recently, the singer’s life has been filled with significant events. It’s more than simply professional accomplishments or success: Benson Boone is acknowledged for his talent; he’s gaining recognition and preparing for the future. Furthermore, he discovered a partner whom he adores, and being with her makes him happy. It’s a fortunate moment. That’s why this instinctive idea occurred to me: all of the great things I have right now may go. They are God’s blessings, and I cannot take them for granted.

It is wise to remind ourselves of all the unexpected occurrences that may occur in our lives. We are all aware that things might go wrong at any time. Nonetheless, we tend to overlook that: we seek happiness so intensely that when we experience it, we go all in. We hug, grip, and decide we can’t live without it. However, it is important to remember that this enjoyment may not last forever. It is not pessimism; it is simply an acknowledgment of realities. It doesn’t imply we’re not meant to be joyful. There may be more enjoyment after that. Nonetheless, we don’t know what will happen tomorrow, which is exactly the meaning of Benson’s song.

Ultimately, Beautiful Things is a song about gratefulness and fear, and that’s the real meaning behind its lyrics: I’m happy like I haven’t been in years, and I thank God for what I have now; still, I have to remind myself that all this can go away any moment. I hope it lasts; I’ll embrace God for what He gave me and work every day to confirm I deserve all this. It’s a message for all of us: you cannot control everything, but you can do your best every day for your happiness.

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