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After seven years, the well-known female group from Korea, YG, has at last revealed that BABY MONSTER will be their brand-new girl group. Many are eagerly anticipating the team’s arrival due to the incredible strength shown in the trailer. The average age of the members is less than 16, which is even more startling! Let’s take a look at the beginnings of these girls with both talents and good looks as this page compiles background information on the members who have been officially declared.

Ruka / 루카

Japanese member Kawai Ruka is the first to be introduced. She is the oldest member, having been born in 2002. She has been dancing for 13 years and has previously participated in the Japanese girl idol group “Shibu3 project.” It has a very unique appearance, perhaps resembling a juvenile fox, and it may either be good or awful, which is completely different from a Japanese sweet vitality style! Ruka provided a draft-quality rap performance for everyone in the performance video. The atmosphere was driven by the very stifling hip-hop, and he could immediately make a solo debut!


Pharita / 파리타

Among the 1,226 applicants, the member Pharita, who is also from Thailand, stood out. She has a charming appearance, and online users have compared her to a Disney princess. Behind her charming and friendly exterior, though, is a tenacious determination to succeed that refuses to give up. Pharita’s singing abilities were also noticed by her instructor, who commented that she is very talented and very good at using her own voice. In the introduction video, Pharita learned dancing knowledge from her predecessor LISA, paying attention to the distribution of strength when performing dances.


Asa / 아사

In the performance film, Asa, a member from Japan, displayed remarkable hip-hop and rap abilities. His performance is remarkably smooth and skillful, displaying the European and American manner that is uncommon in Korean groups while still conveying a sense of simmering pressure in his confident body language. It is difficult to accept. She is going to make her debut as a member of a new girl group! She had performed on stage as early as the age of seven prior to going through the audition process, and the song she chose to perform was Block B’s Very Very Good. Surprisingly, she had straight bangs as a toddler and appeared to be frigid. Very adorable and a little baby chubby! She is a fan of cooking in addition to singing and dancing. After her debut, I’m eagerly looking forward to her fantastic performance!


Ahyeon / 아현

Ah-Hyun is only 15 years old and was born in 2007. She has been compared to BLACKPINK Jennie by internet users, and she might become a fashion industry darling! The mix of facial traits is similar to Jennie’s, which heightens netizens’ curiosity and expectations. In addition to having a young face that everyone envies, wide eyes with a slight upward tilt, and plump pouty lips.

Ah-Hyun is accustomed to being photographed and enjoys taking selfies because she has always wanted to make her acting debut. Even though she hasn’t created a personal social media account, there are a lot of pictures of her life online. The youthful face does have a weary expression, and the ethereal disposition is alluring!

Haram / 하람

Haram, who has generated a lot of debate with just one singing video, is a young singer who can sing with feeling. People are greatly impressed by her distinctive technique due to the seamless transition and penetrating treble, as well as the bass part’s whisper-like quality. fervently drawn. Her vocals in the movie also resemble Park Chun from 2NE1 and Rosé from BLACKPINK. I’m hoping she can buck convention in her own unique way and give the audience a fresh perspective!

She had been a model since she was a young child. Some internet users once discovered pictures of her when she was a toddler. She had large, glassy eyes and a little, doll-like cherry mouth.


Rora / 로라

Having the reputation of a Bafang Meiren, which is a Korean term for a person who excels in all areas. Rora’s overall strength has been encapsulated in a single line! He once heard the trainer say during training: “If you practice hard, you will become an amazing idol.” Then I continued to practice diligently, whether it was singing, dancing, or even acting. The seniors unanimously applauded Rora’s expressive acting, varied facial emotions, and upbeat dancing stance. They saw her quick development and maturation and became her one-of-a-kind witnesses. great quality.


Chiquita / 치키타

Chiquita, a Thai player who serves as the team’s “Maknae,” was first born in 2009. She has excellent command of Thai, Korean, and English. She is on the verge of breaking the record and becoming the youngest Kpop idol at just 13 years old! Chiquita’s performance is captured in clips, and the soft voice reveals her steady strength, garnering applause from online users for her incredible singing abilities!


The seven members of BABY MONSTER are introduced above. Everyone, in my opinion, is at least somewhat familiar with them. Let’s anticipate the fantastic performance that these seven talented girls will give us.

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