Ariana Grande, Yes, And? Meanings About Resilience And Healing

Ariana Grande is back with a new song! “Yes, And?”

“Yes, And?” is a song by American singer Ariana Grande, released on January 12, 2024, through Republic Records, as the lead single from her upcoming seventh studio album, Eternal Sunshine. Let Us Discover Yes, There’s Also ? It is about Meanings About Resilience And Healing.

Ariana Grande possesses the rare ability to express emotions associated with severe life events. She has been through a number of tragic incidents, including the horrible bombing at a Manchester performance in 2017 and the loss of her almost two-year partner, Mac Miller. When it comes to dealing with suffering, Ariana Grande’s music may be an excellent friend for all of us.

“Yes, and?” is a new song released in 2024 advertising her next album Eternal Sunshine, and the purpose of the lyrics is exactly this: how can we answer to life’s hardships and suffering so that we don’t crash? Let we delve a little deeper:

The lyrics appear to allude to her late ex-boyfriend Mac Miller, the public fixation with her dating life, and the terrible body-shaming remarks she’s received.
“Don’t comment on my body, and don’t reply,” Ariana says in the new song. She was obliged to reply to vicious body-shaming comments in a tragic video a few months ago.

The phrase “Yes, And?” has a tremendous significance and originates in the realm of show business. This is an improvised comedic method that Wikipedia defines well: When one actor improvises some new lines while performing, the other actors are supposed to notice the difference (the “is” in that statement) and expand on it with new ideas (the “and” portion). “Yes, and” indicates that another actor is taking a new path and merging it with something new. Ariana Grande asks individuals who have been through horrific circumstances to confront them with courage, adapt to new pathways, and discover the next step if we put this notion to reality.

“Yes, and?”
Say that s–t with your chest, and
Be your own f–kin’ best friend
Say that s–t with your chest
Keep moving like, “What’s next?”
“Yes, and?”

Following a jazzy 48-second opening, Ariana sings, “In case you haven’t noticed / Well, everybody’s tired / And healin’ from somebody / Or somethin’ we don’t see just right.”

Ariana openly replied to a slew of new criticisms about her appearance in April. “I don’t do this often, I don’t like it, and I’m not good at it,” she stated in a video. I simply wanted to address your worries about my body and talk a little bit about what it means to be a human with a body and to be seen and scrutinized.”

Boy, come on, put your lipstick on
Come on and walk this way through the fire
And if you find yourself in a dark situation
Just turn on your light

The center section of the song seizes the opportunity to express Ariana Grande’s disinterest in what others think about her. Clearly, healing necessitates concentration, and we cannot afford to be sidetracked by gossip and shallow judgment. That is why people must mind their own business and we must always be proud of who we are.

The song contains a disco-esque beat occasionally punctuated by the shimmering, cascading synth lines that are likely to dominate post-Renaissance pop music. She established herself as pop music’s preeminent drama girl, coaxing out the eponymous phrase and instilling the guiding principles of improv comedy with a coy eye. There’s no “eh” to be heard, no return to the lubricated bulldog energy that defined the 2020 stance. Here, Grande is so carefree, so confident, she carries most of the track with silky coos, only in the final moments. No matter how subdued, it invites you to put on lipstick, tie your longest strands into a tight ponytail, and hit the dance floor.

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