2024 Taco Bell Commercial Song by Militarie Gun

This song—a well-known tune by the rock group Militarie Gun—has taken center stage in Taco Bell’s latest advertising, as is customary.

We want to keep this appointment as routine as possible. Every few months, Taco Bell publishes a new commercial including a catchy melody in the backdrop and a succession of basic, wild graphics to promote their delectable desire box. Taco Bell has led us to many great musical discoveries. A couple of examples are the song from Teezo Touchdown that will be released in the second half of 2023 and the new single that Green Day released a few weeks ago.
We have seen Taco Bell’s newest commercial many times as we go into early 2024, and the song—the latest single from American punk rock group Millennium, “Do It Faster”—has generated a lot of favorable conversation on social media. You can listen to this song in full streaming format below (if you want to watch the advertisement again, you can go to iSpot. tv).

“Military Gun” is one of the many art projects that emerged during the recent outbreak of the epidemic. The band demonstrated unique rock energy and quickly gained a solid following. They released their first EP in September 2020, and their first full album “Life Under The Gun” was released in the summer of 2023. Do It Faster is the lead single of the album and may be their most popular song to date.

This is a song about the author’s need to accelerate the pace of life (as he explained in an interview, this is a song about his “overall impatience”). This song by Militarie Gun continues the famous tradition of high-energy songs in Taco Bell’s commercial activities. Now, let’s enjoy a few months and wait for their next choice.

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