2024 Apple Watch Commercial Song is Locket by Audrey Nuna.

Pop, lock, and drop it: the new Apple Watch commercial air at the start of 2024 focuses on sleep goals, but the song is the protocol.

We know your thoughts when you first watched a new advertisement for Apple Watch in early 2024: Are you willing. You hope to go to bed in about three minutes, stay up all night, wake up energized, and get some rest. Your Apple Watch is happy to confirm that you have achieved your sleep goals.

Nevertheless, this is not impossible. With determination and the right tools, you can make your sleep more regular. A smartwatch is your friend, and its unique feature can monitor your sleep and remind you when to sleep. But the most interesting part of the new Apple advertisement is how the song fits into the story: when the girl sees the reminder, she enters battle mode, her eyes focus on her goals, and the background music is her perfect companion for success. Of course, people are curious: what is the song in the advertisement?

Audrey Nuna’s song “Locket” appears in the 2024 Apple Watch commercial on “sleep goals.” While you can hear it inside the advertisement on iSpot.tv, you can listen to it in full streaming below.

One of the most gifted up-and-coming rappers of the past several years is Audrey Nuna. Class 1999, she began putting out music in 2018, and her tracks gained a lot of popularity very fast. Among her most well-known songs are Damn Right (which came out in 2020) and Comic Sans (a song she co-wrote with Jack Harlow in 2019). Because she is American with Korean ancestry, she is able to include several cultural elements into her work. Her music is a distinctive blend of current rap, trap music, and R&B; she can sound just like Billie Eilish while still being a fantastic role model for female rap.

One of her most recent singles, Locket, was published in 2023 but hasn’t been officially included in a studio album yet. Her voice floats over the crisp pace with assurance. The chorus line, “Pop, lock, and drop it,” has been increasingly popular since its introduction. The words of the Apple Watch commercial are below.

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