Why is Shiv drinking while pregnant in Succession?

Succession is undoubtedly one of those programs with a devoted fanbase that makes even minor elements important. Every episode raises a ton of queries and even lengthy discussions (like we did for Kendall and his “murder”). The second-to-last episode of the series included one of the biggest open cases, though, and it featured a scene that grabbed everyone’s attention: it was the one where we all witnessed Shiv drinking while pregnant. Let’s examine what occurred.

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Why is Shiv drinking while pregnant in Succession?

When viewers observed Shiv holding a drink (twice) in Episode 5 of Season 4, this query gained relevance. Someone questioned her behavior after discovering she was expecting, starting a firestorm on Reddit. Shiv’s actual consumption of alcohol during the episode was questioned. However, in a scene from Episode 9, Shiv can be seen plainly getting a glass of wine and sipping it in front of Tom. This time, there is no room for misunderstandings: Shiv is drinking while pregnant, and the quiet in that scene aims to emphasize that fact.

We are all aware that drinking while pregnant is extremely harmful to the unborn child’s health. When we see Shiv drinking, we can question whether it is simply reckless behavior, something she does without giving it any thought, and nothing more. However, the episode 9 scenario has a clear meaning. If you pay attention, you’ll see it: Shiv talks to Tom while harboring resentment in her eyes. Shiv seizes the opportunity and takes a sip after Tom. She then takes a taste of the wine while gazing intently into Tom’s eyes.

Shiv provokes the situation by drinking while pregnant in Succession Season 4 Episode 9. She deliberately takes two drinks from the glass. The first interaction following the altercation from a previous episode was that one with Tom. What they spoke to one other stills hurts them both. In that instant, Shiv despises Tom. She sips wine while staring at him in an effort to damage him, while knowing that doing so could endanger Tom’s unborn child.

Tom is aware that he has been provoked. In an effort to minimize her actions, he adds, “Yeah, it’s fine,” as he glances at her. However, that action starts a dialogue, and Tom asks her about the child. Shiv acknowledges that she debated whether or not to keep the child for several months. That is consistent with the carelessness she exhibits in that scene. It’s your baby, and I can hurt him at any time, is the message. Shiv’s hatred for Tom overwhelms her parental instinct at that precise moment.

Shiv’s attitude, however, changes when Tom sobs as he thinks of Logan. The animosity between them appears to lessen after that chat, raising the likelihood that they will reunite in the season finale. If we continue with episode 9, nothing is guaranteed, but the significance of that scene is now apparent.

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