Who’s in the 2023 Michelob Ultra “airball” commercial?

Particularly at the highest levels, sports may be extremely competitive. Additionally, it may be quite entertaining to see two elite sportsmen communicate with one another while spewing detailed criticism of each other’s performances. This is the premise of the Michelob Ultra beer commercial, which was launched in February 2023. Jimmy Butler and Nneka Ogwumike, two American basketball stars, star in the commercial, which focuses on their knack for… airballs. Let’s clarify things more.

You can watch the complete version of “Courtesy Of,” the 2023 Michelob Ultra “airball” commercial below.

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Jimmy Butler and Nneka Ogwumikethe star in the 2023 Michelob Ultra “airball” commercial

The two basketball players starring in “Courtesy Of,” the commercial released in 2023 by Michelob Ultra, are Jimmy Butler and Nneka Ogwumikethe.The two athletes are sitting in a fancy location. They start having this long-distance trash talk, using the waiter to send unsolicited messages about how often they are used to shooting an airball in their games.

Of course, we’re talking about two American basketball champs who aren’t very accustomed to airballs, which is why their interaction is so hilarious. One of the NBA’s top two-way players, Jimmy Butler is renowned for both his relentless defense and his ability to score when it counts. He has been chosen six times for the NBA All-Star team and five times for the NBA All-Defensive Team. The top player in the league, Nneka Ogwumike is renowned for her versatility, athleticism, and leadership both on and off the court. She has served as the WNBA Players Association’s president since 2016.

The most dishonorable shot you can make in basketball is an airball; you watch as the ball approaches the basket but misses completely, landing on the floor. It’s regarded as the shot that is the least accurate, and occasionally NBA players will have statistics for it. Finding an airball statistic on Jimmy Butler and Nneka Ogwumikethe is still challenging. To truly compare Jimmy and Nneka’s performances, we advise going the other direction and comparing their most recent highlights. You can find Jimmy Butler’s top moments here, and Nneka’s 2016 highlight reel here.

This kind of trash talk between two athletes of that level is funny precisely because of their talents: they can afford to joke about each other because they both know their value. And for us, watching them in that situation is hilarious.

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