What’s the song in the Amazon chef-guard commercial?

It’s amazing how adept Amazon Marketing is at choosing the perfect tune for their commercials. We already have evidence of it in 2023 thanks to Cool Cat, the tune from the well-known commercial featuring the mustache girl. With the necessary instruments, which can be acquired on Amazon, even a security guard can pursue his dream of becoming a chef, according to a new advertisement that was released in May. Let’s learn more about the song and the idea behind the advertisement.

You can watch the 2023 Amazon commercial with the guard-chef here on Youtube.

What’s the song in the Amazon chef-guard commercial?

The song featured in the 2023 Amazon commercial with the security guard becoming a chef is Memphis Soul Stew by King Curtis. You can listen to it in full streaming below.

King Curtis was a well-known American saxophone and R&B artist who was born Curtis Ousley in 1934. In the 1960s, his particular approach, which combined jazz, soul, and rock, made him a sought-after session musician. Numerous great songs and albums by well-known performers like Aretha Franklin, The Coasters, and Wilson Pickett featured soulful saxophone solos by Curtis. He is responsible for the recognizable saxophone riff in the Respect bridge by Aretha Franklin.

King Curtis, who was well-known for his upbeat stage persona and soulful playing, was a significant contributor to the development of the R&B and rock genres over his career. He tragically died from a knife wound in 1971, leaving behind a powerful musical legacy.

Classic instrumental track Memphis Soul Stew was released in 1967. It displays Curtis’ extraordinary saxophone prowess and his capacity to mash up many musical styles. The song has a powerful arrangement that incorporates R&B, jazz, and soul influences. “Memphis Soul Stew” is still regarded as one of Curtis’ most cherished compositions, showcasing both his mastery on the saxophone and his contribution to the evolution of soul music. It features an appealing groove, catchy horn riffs, and soulful improvisations.

The song introduces a distinct aesthetic in the Amazon ad. The security guard may be seen watching his favorite TV shows and fostering a passion for cooking. Purchasing all the supplies required, he creates his new recipes while getting praise from his coworker. Finally, he notices an opening for a cook, and, yes, he feels prepared. The takeaway is that you can realize your dreams if you have the correct opportunities, and Amazon can provide you with everything you require.

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