What happens to Jaxx / Ruby Rose in The Meg?

Without a doubt, since Steven Spielberg and the 1970s, we all enjoy shark flicks. And it’s not surprising that contemporary shark films like Mako continue to be successful. But The Meg is different: the 2018 movie is about a prehistoric shark that emerges from the Mariana Trench and is scheduled to make a comeback in 2023 with Meg 2. People are immediately interested in which characters would be returning. Jaxx, played by Ruby Rose, was one of the original film’s most adored heroes. Check out the newest information on the sequel and what happened to her character in the first film.

You can watch the official trailer for Meg 2: The Trench here on Youtube

What happens to Jaxx / Ruby Rose in The Meg?

A group of scientists investigates the Pacific Ocean’s Mariana Trench’s secret depths in the 2018 film The Meg. They learn that the trench is deeper than people had previously imagined because a new ecology has emerged beneath a thermocline. When they arrive, “the Meg,” a Megalodon, a supposedly extinct prehistoric enormous shark, attacks them. The remainder of the film centers on the protagonists’ attempts to slay the monsters as they emerge from the water and find that two meg specimens had followed them.

In The Meg’s cast, Ruby Rose plays the role of Jaxx, who is constantly immersed in the action. She is introduced as an engineer and the creator of the Mana One station at the start of the film. She is also an IT expert and aids in finding the Meg in the second half of the movie. She repeatedly puts her life in danger, but eventually Dr. Heller comes to her rescue: in a pivotal sequence of the film, they are both in the water, and Heller makes the decision to swim toward the Meg and perish so that Jaxx has enough time to get back to the boat. On YouTube, you can view the scenario again.

Jaxx is still alive in the ending of 2018’s movie The MegWe can see her drinking coffee on the boat after the last specimen of Megalodon was killed. It’s the emotional moment of the movie, when the survivors pay homage to those who died in the mission. That’s also the moment when we see a possible future relationship between the protagonist Jonas Taylor (Jason Statham), and Suyin Zhang (Li Bingbing).

The Meg, a film released in 2018, has Jaxx still alive at the conclusion. She can be seen consuming coffee on the boat following the death of the last Megalodon specimen. The survivors’ tribute to those who died on the expedition is the most moving scene in the film. At that point, we also get a glimpse of the potential future romance between the lead character Jonas Taylor (Jason Statham) and Suyin Zhang (Li Bingbing).

Since all these characters are alive when the first movie ends, they can all potentially return in the sequel. Let’s discover together who has been confirmed in the cast of the second movie.

Meg 2 – The Trench: who returns in the cast from the first movie?

Meg 2: The Trench’s cast has already been announced to include a number of key players from the 2018 film The Meg. Jason Statham as Jonas Taylor, Sophia Cai as the young girl Meiying, Page Kennedy as DJ, and Cliff Curtis as James “Mac” Mackreides can all be found among them. Along with several new performers joining the cast, Meg 2 will also have a few new characters. These include Sergio Peris-Mencheta, Skyler Samuels, and Chinese martial artist Wu Jing.

Unfortunately, it was confirmed that Li Bingbing, the actress playing Suyin, is not part of Meg 2 cast. This creates an empty space in the plot, as there was a possibility that Jonas fell in love with her after the events from the first movie.

Despite being alive, Ruby Rose, another significant character from the 2018 film The Meg, is reportedly not going to appear in Meg 2. She wasn’t listed among the actors who appeared in the second film, and it’s unlikely that she will be if she isn’t named in Warner Bros.’presentation that appears beneath the official trailer. After playing a significant part in the construction of the Mana One station, it is likely that her contribution to the story of Meg 2: The Trench will not be significant.

Since the 2018 release of The Meg, Ruby Rose has starred in a number of significant motion pictures and television series. She appeared in The Doorman and Vanquish, and she played Kate Kane/Batwoman in all of The CW’s DC Comics-based television series. In the official trailer, she is portrayed as Batwoman’s main character.

Ruby Rose will undoubtedly appear in more films very soon. She has dedicated sites on Wikipedia and IMDb, as well as on Instagram.


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