Welcome to Eden, the cast: Lola Rodríguez is Mayka

The popular Spanish TV show Welcome to Eden was created in 2022 for Netflix. In April 2023, it received a second season renewal and once again was among the top 10 most streamed series on the platform. Of course, people were once more interested in learning more about the cast. Lola Rodriguez, who portrays Mayka, a transsexual employee of the Eden Foundation, has become a popular actor. Learn more about her now.

You can watch the official trailer for Welcome to Eden season 2 here on Youtube.

Welcome to Eden, the cast: Lola Rodríguez is Mayka

The actress playing Mayka in the Netflix series Welcome to Eden is the Spanish actress and model Lola Rodríguez. Lola is a young performer, born in 1998: when Season 2 of Welcome to Eden was released, she was 24.

Lola Rodriguez, who plays the transgender character Mayka in the TV show, is herself transgender. She was born a guy but came to identify as a woman at the age of 11, and with her father’s help, she began the transition process at the age of 13. Since that time, Lola has actively participated in speeches and celebrations in Spain as an activist for LGBT rights.

In 2020, she made her acting debut in the Spanish TV show Veneno. You will undoubtedly recall her from the teaser for the 2021 film Polyamory for Dummies in which she also starred. You can find Lola Rodriguez modeling for many different fashion companies on her Instagram. Fans have been hunting for images of her prior to the change, but given that she was still a little child, you probably won’t find any.

Welcome to Eden is the first international stage for Lola Rodríguez, now debuting also in the United States. We will surely hear from her more often now.

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