“Wee” or “wii”, TikTok viral audio: the original video and meaning

Finding a means to use Google and search for its past is already challenging. Both “wiii” and “weee” are used by some. Then came those difficult-to-understand words. The original audio really comes from a 2016 video in which a young youtuber gave a pigeon voice acting as it leaped into the vacuum. Me voy a matar, esto is mi ultima wiii, or “I want to kill myself, this is my last wee,” is a humorous dubbing that the bird uses. The sound on the video has a particular impact. It is provided below:

A Dominican television station called Capricornio TV conducted an interview with the Santo Domingo-born youngster who recorded the audio in 2021. The first interview is available here. The youngster wasn’t renowned when the video was made, but since millions of TikTok makers utilize his voice to make humorous films, it’s become imperative that he establish his fame.

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