TikTok’s Car Dragon song: here the meaning of the lyrics

Sometimes certain items gain a lot of attention for no apparent reason. And it’s almost certain that TikTok played a role in everything that recently went viral.
Since February 2022, a peculiar trend has emerged in the social app that is primarily used for funny videos. The song, titled Car Dragon, first featured in this video with a dog acting as if it were singing. Since then, several people have repurposed the audio, exhibiting peculiar behaviors both before and after learning the meaning of that tune.

The song is actually Yahhh! by American rapper Soulja Boy, which you can listen to in the significantly remixed version below:

There is no shocking meaning in the lyrics. According to the rapper, Yahhh was a lyric they recorded together before inking the record deal, and it symbolizes their method of shoving people away when they don’t want to interact with them. “Get out my face” is a phrase that the song repeatedly repeats.

Therefore, there is no hidden connotation intended by those words. Just a loud, urbanized “leave us alone” was shouted.

Hey Soulja Boy can I yahhh trick yahhh!
Yo Arab I really like yahhh trick yahhh!
Colli Park Music ahh!
Hey man I was just wondering can I get a yahhh yahhh trick!

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