Ticket to Paradise: the Clooney-Roberts Hotel location

How often have you seen a popular movie and immediately wanted to go to the gorgeous locations you just saw? Yes, we do understand. Particularly with films like Ticket to Paradise, which are built on the notion that you may board a plane and travel to a location that seems completely unreal. Although Bali is where the action takes place in the movie, George Clooney and Julia Roberts were actually in locations quite far away when the film was being made. Together, let’s explore the filming locations to see whether you can actually reserve rooms 222 and 221!

Ticket to Paradise: the hotel location of George Clooney and Julia Roberts’ characters

Bali is not the actual site where the movie Ticket to Paradise was shot, despite the fact that it follows two separated parents as they accompany their daughter to Bali for her unexpected wedding. The eastern coast of Australia’s Queensland Islands is where the majority of the film’s shooting took place.

The hotel where George Clooney and Julia Roberts’ characters stay in the film Ticket to Paradise is made up of a variety of actual locations that you can go on location and explore. One of these is the Tangalooma Island Resort on Moreton Island, which can be reached from Brisbane by ferry in 75 minutes. On that island, major moments from the film, including the dolphin swimming scene and the sunset, were filmed.

However, a 2-hour flight from the first location would get you to the Long Pavillon at the Qualia Resort on Hamilton Island, where the hotel lobby and bar were filmed. And the other exterior hotel scenes were actually filmed at the Alila Manggis Hotel in Bali.

The experiences provided by the aforementioned three hotels—fantastic beaches, crystal-clear water, and breathtaking natural settings—are exactly what you would want if you wanted to spend your holiday like George Clooney and Julia Roberts’ characters in the film. However, we had bad news if you were planning to reserve rooms 221 and 222 of the hotel where Mr. and Mrs. Cotton stayed in Ticket to Paradise: those doors were a part of the set constructed in the filming studios specifically for the movie.

To complete the circle, the Palm Bay Resort in Long Island, Queensland, Australia, is where Gede and his family call home. It is the vast area on the water with all those bungalows.

You can discover this post devoted to the geographical specifics you saw in the movie Ticket to Paradise, including the hotel you were seeking for, on Queensland.com, a website devoted to assisting travellers in that area.

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