The whole female cast in the 2023 Toyota racing commercial

When an ad is going to be among the hottest things on TV for the coming weeks or months, you can tell right away. The Toyota advertisement from February 2023 is known as the “woman racing commercial” since it features an all-female team of accomplished athletes competing for the Japanese automaker. Let’s find out more about them.

You can watch the 2023 Toyota racing commercial with the women’s team below.

All the women in the 2023 Toyota racing commercial

The women featured in the 2023 Toyota racing commercial are Toni Breidinger, a NASCAR ARCA driver, Melissa Stockwell, a Paralympian triathlete and military veteran, Alise Willoughby, a BMX Olympian, Alexis DeJoria, an NHRA Funny Car driver, and Isabella Robusto, a NASCAR and Toyota Racing Development Driver. Along with the team owner, we can also make out a young child riding a tricycle.

Toni Breidinger : American race car racer Toni Breidinger is currently active in the ARCA Menards Series. Since making her debut in 2018, she has achieved several top-10 finishes. Regarding her participation in the Toyota racing advertisement, she stated, “I hope younger girls watching will feel empowered to follow their dreams in sports or whatever ‘unconventional’ career they want to pursue.” You can identify her on her Wikipedia page, which is here.

Melissa Stockwell :  Famous former US Army officer Melissa Stockwell is one of them. She was a first lieutenant in the Army’s Transportation Corps when she was deployed to Iraq in 2004, and when a roadside bomb went off close to her convoy, she lost her left leg above the knee. After a protracted recovery period, Stockwell started preparing for the Paralympics. She has participated in the Paralympic Games since 2008 as a triathlon and swimmer. In the 2016 Paralympics in Rio, she won a bronze medal. Regarding the advertisement, she said, “I hope people see strong, powerful women and realize the power of a team and how that team can influence the next generation.” She can be found on this page of

Alise Willoughby : is the team’s BMX racer. In her career, she has won numerous national and international championships, including the UCI BMX World Championships in 2017 and 2018. She started competing in BMX races at the age of six. Here is her TeamUSA profile.

Alexis DeJoria : is an American drag racer who competes in the Funny Car division of the National Hot Rod Association (NHRA). She started competing in NHRA races in 2005 and rapidly became a top racer. She became the fourth woman to win in the NHRA Funny Car class in 2014 after taking home her first race victory. She can be found on Wikipedia.

Isabella Robusto : is a squad member of the Toyota Racing Development group. She enrolled in the program in 2022; at 19 years old, she represents a youthful talent with a promising future. The following is a link to her profile on the Toyota Racing website.


Toni Breidinger, Melissa Stockwell, Alise Willoughby, Alexis DeJoria, and Isabella Robusto, who appear in the commercial as a group of superheroes supporting the talent and potential of women in sports, have now captured the attention of all young American women who aspire to succeed in racing competitions.

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